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  • After knowing everything in Ontario, Canada, you must send them to UN Human Rights Council, UN Security Council, UN Peacekeeping, UN Human Rights Chief, UN Secretary-General....

    I have to send these files to you again due to their dirty hands on everthing I am using;
    on anyone who stands up for me.

    Without "app killer ", I can hardly use my phone normally, such as copy, paste ...Even, I can't use it. "They" at once disable my cellphone bluetooth when selecting some file , evidence to transfer...

    You must take every possible action to stop Canada's, my all neighbors', 3 Philippine couples' (who don't work at all for 5- 20 years )... ongoing evil, terror, and brutality that is, torture, war crimes and crimes against humanity ; you must do and "ask" Canada to do as UN and ICC... spoke out and stood up for me, for all of us in 2017, actually earlier than that after seeing what all Canadian media disclosed 10 years ago about MK Ultra in Canada started in 1970. It is serious; it is war crimes and crimes against humanity from how many persons, almost 1million opened this video below :



    In 2017 ,

    UN :
    Zero tolerance to torturers, murders, criminals against humanity, war criminals ...

    ICC has for the first time ordered a war criminal to pay reparation to victims of his atrocities.

    This complaint form received several ago from UN Human Rights Office is to show you how serious my situation is in Ontario, Canada ,and what crimes they are still committing madly...


    They must commit terror, psychological torture, and MK Ultra by means of drones, aircrafts, special engineering vehicles, police cars because they trace, follow me everywhere and anywhere in Ontario, Canada , even their drones are tracing me every move ( step) because from 2005 I contacted UN...and UN...contacted me.

    They must commit terror, psychological torture, and MK Ultra because they are still hacking, intercepting, filtering and interfereing my all communication tools, VPNs, SMS, International SMS, or when making phone call.

    Please send this to Prime Minister of Canada, Canadian government , ICC , UN's Highest Court , UN Security Council , UN Peacekeeping , UN Human Rights Chief, and UN Human Rights Council.UN Human Rights Office, thanks.

    For over 20 years, not only do they commit madly MK Ultra, but also commit madly what UN Human Rights Office and UN Human Rights Council began to worry about 4 years ago:

    UN Human Rights Council regarding psychological torture:

    Forty-third session
    24 February - 20 March 2020
    Agenda item 3

    By them, plus by repeated poison ( UN Human Rights Office, UN Human Rights Council, and Amnesty International, Toronto knew who, how and why.), and by chip ( Their drones...can trace and follow me anywhere. You all have the photos and videos. From my previous files to you all, you have known how they chipped me in my home.), in my home, "especially in my workplace", while I drive.... they attack, remotely attack ; control, remotely control my hearing, my heart rates, my head, and my body with all possible Non-Lethal Weapons:

    The only purpose for Non-Lethal Weapons is to incapacitate people and change human behaviours, from NATO.

    Recently ,  one professor of University of  California, San Diego stated: If you are secretly forced to take one medicine called " sensitizer ", they can start their torture, terror and murder by Microwave, Radio Frequency remotely ...because you are now very sensitive to  Microwave, Radio Frequency. Even, they can do these remotely. ( This paragraph is being filtered.)


    From this complaint form I received several ago, you can realize how serious my situation is in Ontario, Canada and what crimes they are still committing regardless of UN, International Criminal Court, UN Peacekeeping, International Bar Association...

    Thev reasons why Canada...repeatedly
    poison me and chipped me are clear now.

    Fight  for my life being  threatened ; fight against ongoing terror, psychological torture ( UN and UN Human Rights deeply began to worry about 4 years ago) , MK Ultra ( which was reported by all Canadian media several years ago ) , poison ( how and why "Canada..." repeatedly poison me, UN Human Rights Office has them. One witness shout :don't drink it. ), death threats and attempted murder by every possible means and with all possible Non-Lethal Weapons, especially EMF. I am not alone and I need your help.

    Although English is my second language,
    It is time for "Final Account"

    Robin Yan

    Canadian victim of torture


    Please transfer to International Bar Association, UN Human Rights Office , UN Human Rights Council by fax  and, thanks.

    Again I attach these 2 files you all received last month.

    Attached file 1

    Canada... refuse to stop my all neighbours,
    3 Philippine couples because they are committing terror, psychological torture, and MK Ultra.




    Attached file 2

    Please send ICC and UN's Highest Court



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