We have been sprayed with metallic particulates from the skies over our heads and other metallic particulates have been injected into many of us. Those metallic particulates have now permeated our bodies and brains and have strengthened the ability of our brains and bodies to receive and transmit electromagnetic radiation and that electromagnetic radiation can be used to carry information to and from our brains and bodies. This in turn allows others to use various types of directed energy weapons against us in order to manipulate us further. Some of those directed energy weapons are radio frequency weapons, lasar weapons, ultrasound weapons and hypersonic sound weapons. Many good living people throughout most if not all parts of the world are now being tortured by means of directed energy weapons while they are inside their own homes. Data in the form of voices, images, pain, electric shock, manipulation of the peripheral nervous system in the form of sensations in the surface of their skin and also forced muscle movement, immobilization of muscles, manipulation of organs, manipulation of the brain in the form of subliminal messages, remotely generated sexual abuse, virtual reality experiences and other data is being transmitted to the brains and bodies of people from remote locations by means of the technological infrastructure which has been installed throughout the world.
Hundreds of thousands of victims of directed energy crimes have reported their experiences to the police throughout the world but the police won't validate their statements and investigate these crimes as they are paid by the tax payers to do. Instead, the police sometimes intimidate who ever attempts to report such crimes by mentioning that the reporter of such crimes must urgently attend for psychiatric evaluation. The reporter of such crimes then becomes frightened to continue with their claims to the police of being remotely tortured by means of directed energy weapons because if they persist with their claims they will then lose their freedom by means of psychiatric laws. The police have been instructed to refuse to take victims of torture by means of directed energy weapons seriously by this and other means in order to have the widespread existence and abuse of directed energy weapons covered up because if it is exposed the courts and all governments would collapse over night due to the fact that the public would be officially and legally aware that the brains and bodies of most if not all duly elected politicians and the judiciary can and are being remotely interfered with by means of directed energy weapons.
I am a long term victim of remotely administered torture by means of directed energy weapons and I failed to get the local police to validate my claim and to have it officially investigated. I know of many other men and women throughout my country and many other countries who also experience remotely administered torture by means of directed energy weapons and they have also failed to get their local police to validate their claims and to have them officially investigated. This situation is ongoing for decades. There are numerous scientific patent numbers to support the existence of directed energy weapons. Many scientists have come forward verifying their existence and abuse such as Professor James Giordano of Georgetown University Medical Center in the United States. Millions of books have been written and published about the capabilities of directed energy weapons so why are we not being taken seriously by the police. Have they also been intimidated by or interfered with in some way by those who have the use of directed energy weapons. Have duly elected politicians been intimidated by or interfered with by those who use directed energy weapons.  If  the existence and widespread abuse of directed energy weapons are not officially recognised stopped we will shortly be enslaved.   My name is Gretta Fahey aka Margaret Mary Fahey and my postal address and current location is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland. My landline home phone number is 094 9360901. Today's date is 12th March, 2023.

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