For the last 3 years, I have been being tortured and harassed with microwave frequencies by the Canadian government. I am not the only one who is being targeted. Many Canadians are being targeted, including women and their children. They also target my family members. They are zapping my three year old niece, a little white girl. She keeps saying “who’s tuning me”? This is what they are going to use to control all of you, it’s mind control through frequencies. These people need to be stopped. They are worse than the Communists. Using frequencies for mind control, torture, and murder. These buildings that they are working out of need to be destroyed. They need to be burned to the ground. All of the people working inside those buildings are criminals and the enemies or freedom and the Canadian people. Canadian Forces Station Leitrim is the actual building that they work out of to control the satellites and cell towers used to mind control and torture people. The Communications Security Establishment is the management and leaders who call the shots. All of you need to write down the addresses of these two buildings. This is the New World Order. Mind control of the whole population. This is going to affect all of you. Burn these two buildings to the ground. Canadian Forces Station Leitrim 3545 Leitrim Road, Ottawa, Ontario K1A-0K2, Canada. The Communications Security Establishment 1929 Ogilvie Road, Gloucester, Ontario, K1J-0B9 Canada. In the United States, it’s the NSA doing it to the Americans. This is how they do it. https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/4480692/Ohnoes.pdf Here is a list of Signals Intelligence bases around the world. These are coordinates from google maps. This information is extremely important. Copy it. This is how they are going to attack everyone. SIGNALS INTELLIGENCE BASE Location Coordinates CFS Leitrim Canada 45.336722, -75.588218 Australian Defence Satellite Communications Station -28.695030, 114.841339 RAF Menwith Hill Air Force Harrogate UK 54.008062, -1.686797 Misawa Air Base, Japan 40.720217, 141.322364 GCHQ Bude UK 50.887269, -4.552008 Pine Gap Australia -23.798348, 133.736232 NSA Sugar Grove Station West Virginia 38.517519, -79.280030 Yakima Training Center Washington state 46.682101, -120.358549 Waihopai Station New Zealand -41.576075, 173.738991 GCSB Tangimoana Station New Zealand -40.314912, 175.250237 Ayios Nikolaos Station Cyprus British Owned 35.083054, 33.898150 Gibraltar. UK 36.143064, -5.342744 Diego Garcia UK -7.270016, 72.370040 -7.278494, 72.363867 -7.266121, 72.363179 Bad Aibling Station, Mangfall Barracks, Germany 47.879446, 11.984715 Buckley Space Force Base 39.717011, -104.777205 39.713954, -104.747993 39.692129, -104.737745 Fort Gordon - Georgia USA 33.417696, -82.159355 CFB Gander, Newfoundland, Canada, Elephant Cage 48.951179, -54.525128 CFS Leitrim Masset, B.C. Canada, Elephant Cage 54.028883, -132.065267 Guam 13.615018, 144.855984 13.578512, 144.845155 13.583766, 144.849887 13.583732, 144.833896 13.583503, 144.841001 13.587474, 144.840786 13.591386, 144.840099 Hawaii Cryptologic Center NSA, NCTAMS PAC Quarterdeck 21.518959, -157.996078 Lackland Air Force Base 29.447176, -98.641354 Unit 8200 ISNU Israel 31.308541, 34.545518 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unit_8200 The NSA shares intelligence on its own citizens with Israeli intelligence. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/sep/11/nsa-americans-personal-data-israel-documents

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  • They are highly secured system. For sure they have people behind that support their work. I think the solution is on raising awareness about and finding solution to rescue people from them

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