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import QtQuick 1.0
ListModel {

ListElement {
title: "How to use the application"
picture: "content/pics/virtual_data_logo.png"

caracteristics: "

  • 1.- Check the text below thouroughly
  • 2.- Check the arrows that appear on the righ hand side.


method: "

If you are using a desktop device please go to the bottom right corner, position
your mouse on it and drag diagonally. It will increase the size of the screen at
your will.
What follows applies to all devices.
The application will have arrows on the right of the text when there is more text than the
one that is shown in the screen.
This is applicable to the main menu where you see the different
clickable buttons or when you see the menu items in detail.
You can browse the text by maintaing Ctrl key pressed and
clicking on the arrow and then dragging up or down . Do
not release the arrow that you click when dragging. You can go on dragging
beyond the boundaries of the window of the application. Without releasing the mouse at any time.
If you see two arrows in the bottom right corner it means that you are
seing the main frame and an interior one. Take the inner one as reference.
An arrow pointing downwards implies dragging upwards and viceversa.


ListElement {
title: "Canada"
picture: "content/pics/canada1.png"

caracteristics: "

  • First Visit
  • My Life at Edmonton


method: "

I first visited Canada invited by Val who at that moment was my girl-friend. We had been dating for about six months or more before ,
while she had been visiting the USA. At that time she told me that she was trying to open a .com company in Santa Monica and was
looking for personnel for the company.

I was working in a hotel in Long Beach, which was for me a temporary job while I tried to get
a foot into Long Beach University, where I applied for an Oracle Database position more or less at the time that I knew her. I had also
visited the Department of Mathematics and explored the possibilities of job there, as well the Post-graduate department, where I wanted
to spend a grant of $5,000 that I had earned while working for Americorps.

At that time, also I had attended a conference about Qt that
took near the Long Beach Airport. In a way, my going to the conference served a dual purpose, First: what I had been developing in Debian,
Second: The Department of Mathematic's chief had told me that the only thing he was interested in at that moment were people who
knew embedded languages and the Qt platform was the nearest known thing that I had at hand to get into embedded programming.

In parallel with all this I had also focused in PHP/MySQL/Ajax/JavaScript and that is the technology that I showed Val as something that
I could work for in the company. Apparently it was a good fit for her and she hired me as Vice Director of Technology. At that time we were
not dating yet.

At the time of this first time arrival she had told me that there was a possibility that she were pregnant, according to the symptoms that
she had experienced - she had like fainted at the airports sometimes.

I had several conversations with Pat, who would later would be my mother in law. She always behaved like a very polite and intelligent lady,
very careful about the future of the family. It looked like a good environment and the character of the people of Edmonton was good. So I
started to think of a new life with Val and her family. It made a perfect sense.

No wonder, in one of the trips that I made to Canada I brought books that I considered would instruct me about how the political situation was in the USA
, there were many things in that area which I ignored. I knew that I was an extremely technical person and that I did not have knowledge of many things that were going on
in the country. I strongly believe that these books were among the main reasons for me to be targeted when I came back to the States. Together
with the fact that I also started to explore videos and literature informing about 9/11 that were not frequently found in the libraries of the USA, but
were common information in Canadian ones. The books were Against All Enemies, The book of Al Gore about Global Warming and another book about how
the extreme right church was influencing the political spectrum of the country.

An additional factor was that my computer was not returned to me when I came back in one of the trips. It delayed a considerable number of days.
It happened to other passengers that were in the same flight that I had taken to Canada. It was a flight with a stop. It was in the stop where
the stopping of the luggage of the passengers took place.

Important events

I asked Val's mother, Pat if a condition that she had was in the degree of extreme before marrying her. I simply said that if she reached that condition
I would not marry her immediately. Did not say anything else. I was told that she did not reach the condition, that tests had been made and she had been told by the
doctor that she did not reach that level. Two weeks after arriving from our honeymoon, Val took me to the doctor woman and she told me completely the contrary. The
test had proven that she reached the extreme, that really
shocked me. And I started asking myself questions. First of all - why was that happening?.

The doctor gave me a booklet in silence when I was leaving the office. The book explained the
details of the extreme conditon and how it had transformed the lives of many couples. There was a conclusion to extract from the attitude of the doctor and the content
of the book. I had to make a decision. I thought for about a week. I was just a matter of thinking about me and leaving the marriage or staying. I decided to love Val and
stay. From that moment on I just tried to fix things and not read more about what the book explained. I do not think that I was wise.

While visiting FL, arriving from Bahamas, I went to South Beach briefly to say hellow to all people that I had known in the area and were accessible in a short
period of time. Two things happened in that opportunity, first, the checks that Val had given to me had no backing, my account had negative numbers for the first time
since I had created it. Second, while going to join with Val and her mother at Alton Road a young man addressed me in Lincoln Road, on the way to Alton Road, and
said that - we are going to kill you, he signaled to his neck and made a killing gesture, as shooting. It was really graphic and I spent days, after getting back to
Canada, what was all about. I had been out the area for about 2 years, I was wondering what kind of hate could have exist in someone against me after such a periond of time.
When I met Val and her mother at Alton Road, I was really concerned when I met them and from that moment on, one strange premonition in me remained associated to that threat.
Another thing that happened at that time I went to the Bank of America located at Lincoln Road and Washington Ave. The money that I had put in the bank as a result of the checks
that Val had given me in payment as a subdirector of the company was not there. For the first time I had a negative balance in my account.

When we left Miami Beach, with me still thinking about the man who had threatened me, we were victim of a very racist action. I prefer to talk about this later. The area, though,
was very well known for issues related to racial discrimination. In at least two occasions it had happened to me before. I realized then, only partially, that as we were an interracial
couple we would have to face situations in several places. I do not think that I spent enough time and went deep enough into this. They did things that apparently drove the people out
of their minds sometimes, so racist they were. At the moment that I am writing, I feel that I was not capable to perceive how racist some people and communities are in Florida.

While staying in Canada I received some pictures of my family. I was scared of what I saw. I had never seen my parents so thin. I had already been very concerned about
the fact that they were not present in the wedding ceremony. As is usual in our island. So I decided that I had to take care of my family at that very moment. And I asked the person
who had sent the pictures what was better, to go to Cuba immediately or go to the States and finish the citizenship. I was told that if I went back to Cuba maybe I would not be allowed
to leave the country, so I started to make plans to be employed by a company in the States and comeback. I contacted and talked with different potential employers. When one company in
Santa Monica offered an interview I came back and went to the interview. Val took me to the airport with the kids.

2008 - I came back
And what I found out was not agreeable. I landed in Fort Lauderdale and the fist strange thing that I experienced was that a man that had taken the plane in Atlanta did not stop
talking bad things about me. He took all the sequence of buses that I took since srriving to the airport until arriving to Miami Beach. Not stopping trying to bias everybody
against me, as if he had been paid for doing that. Also in the first bus that I took in Fort Lauderdale a black man that sat down near me told me that one day I was going to
have an accident. My mind started to get even more worried - terrorized - than when I had left LA. And I think that it was the moment tha a sort of disbelieve entered me - very
dangerous - I thought sometimes that they were not talking about me, some other times that it was a sort of television show created. In a way I was right, but it was creaed
to kill me, I could not easily accept it in my mind. There was already, at that moment, a very serious attack of the media on me, I simply could not accept it in my mind. People
were making money out of hate songs against me that instigated to my physical elimination.


ListElement {
title: "Santa Monica"
picture: "content/pics/santa_monica.png"

caracteristics: "

  • Arrival.
  • Jobs.
  • Special Events.


method: "

As soon as I arrived I went to the office of the company that was going to interview me. After the interview the person in charge - not the one that I was
supposed to meet though - told me that I could take care a test immediately. I had been travelling for about 8 hrs. I told him that I preferred to take the test next day
and eat at that moment because I was tired after the interview. He did not respond to my call the next morning and he did not respond to my emails from that moment on.

First place where I stayed in Santa Monica. Adjacent to it first job in the city.
Also there I was stolen my suit and made a report to the police. They found the guy who had stolen the suit.
Never got the suit back.


I decided that I was going to try with another company in the next days and that, in the meantime, I was going to apply for a job at the tour office adjacent to the
Hostel. I got the job after talking with the owner. Four days after he told me that probably I was not the best fit for that job. He paid me and that was it.
I was in the process of applying for other companies when I received a call from Val. We had been talking several times before on the phone. This time the call was different.
Do not want to get into details here. I was surprised and started to ask me questions again. There were several people from Canada in the hostel. There was a Canadian girl, black,
extremely well educated and brilliant in her behavior. She talked with me about the call and she explained me things that at that moment did not make too much sense too me.
Very serious things.


ListElement {
title: "Miami Beach"
picture: "content/pics/miamibeach.png"
caracteristics: "

  • Arrival
  • Reports
  • Jobs
  • Attacks

method: "

Arrived to this place around 2001. Started to leave at 7955 Collins. This was a nice place near the beach.
It was also the first place where I perceived something that I could not understand as possible. I felt that
tbere were people like watching me from the adjacent room and commenting about my activities. At that time I considered
it extremely unlikely to happen. I found out, in different occasions, that people had entered my room, under
different pretexts. The manager of the building found an excuse, in two occasions - after the incidents . I consulted with
the Surfside police about that.

I believe that at some point I made a police report in this department. After that I moved
to different places and made numerous police reports always due to the same reason, home intrusion. In one opportunity
I was able to see, while living at Washington street, how somebody left the room through the window - I made a report about this.

Another time I was able to record five men accessing my bathroom while reparing it. After that I remember that the flow of water
in the shower was very thin - I was leaving across the Delano Hotel at that
time. Years after this incident, I heard of people installing devices in showers and irregular work of devices after that.
One more time while leaving in Washington - and renting a hotel room - I heard the voice of a man, Martin - who had been
about to be arrested while I was a supervisor at Hispaniola Way due to sexual offense - making comments as if he were seeing me
while at the bathroom. It was, again, something that was out of the boundaries of what I considered possible. No wonder I made
a comment about this to a person that I do not want to mention here, exactly at the moment that it happened and in three other opportunities.
it was just something too out of the ordinary.

In another unforgettable moment I was able to record five men accessing my bathroom while reparing it - I was leaving across the Delano Hotel at that
time. One more time while leaving in Washington - and renting a hotel room - I heard the voice of a man, Martin - who had bean
about to be arrested while I was a supervisor at Hispaniola Way due to sexual offense - making comments as if he were seeing me
while at the bathroom. It was, again, something that was out of the boundaries of what I considered possible. No wonder I made
a comment about this to a person that I do not want to mention here , when I occurred.

At this moment in my life I think that I should
have followed up all these incidents in a more detailed and serious way. I was - and I am - unaware of the way criminal groups
work. But blackmail seems to be one of their strong points. And long memory. I feel that all these events could be connected
to the theats that I received from T. - you are going to commit suicide and A. - I will put your picture all over the world -
in 2001 and 2000 respectively. I had heard of retailation but I had never suspected the ways it takes place. Both incidents were mentioned
and documented in the records of recognized organizations in USA.

At that time consequently, I had been targeted by organized crime. There were people who - unknown to me - danced in the clubs, any kind of
clubs you went to, mixed in the crowd. But they apparently were not dancers, but rather like enforcers of opinions. I wanted to be a DJ and visited
a number of clubs, exploring the music and the environments, without any specific attachment to any club and without belonging to any specific group.
Most of the time I spent in Miami Beach was living alone. My main concern were get deep into Linux, music, use my synthesizer to create music, etc.
I was the perfect victim for this kind of people, who apparently entered in your room and monitored your life to create movies or something worse

It was a mixture of criminals and people who supplied them with means and devices that criminals usually do not have

It is obvious for me that I had been targeted by criminal groups. Documents disappeared from the room and there was a special
emphasis in accessing my storage place and take away any pictures that I had taken of my life. Specially in New York. I was always
curious about this. But it looked impossible, again, at that time, that your storage place was searched and robbed. But it happened.
At some point, though, things reached an extreme and I made a report to the Fort Lauderdale office of Public Storage due to the
strange behavior - and the robbing of a synthesizer in the premises - that I had suffered in 8/2005 while preparing my luggage
to move to California. In this strange event the person that was apparently renting the space adjacent to the No 179, on the right,
was present while I was packaging and made strange comments, while another guy located at the end of the corridor and seating on a small
chair, an old man, laughed at the comments. The employees of the storage place also behaved disrespectfully. In a way I feel that I had
been the victim of a group of criminals that I could not identify. The synthesizer dissapeared from the entrance of the building in
two seconds. There was a suspicious individual seating at the entrance of the building too.


This image was taken from the video that I made at the Hotel Claremont, Miami Beach, 2008. The man at the chair did not stop talking about transsexual who had been shot here and there.
The men in the back of the picture were part of the team of the lobby. There was another team at terrace, near the sidewalk, with the explicit mission of attracting the
attention of every human being that passed by towards me and reinforce the notion that I was a person who belonged to this category. In the meantime, at the lobby they carried out the same
task with the people inside of the hotel and, late in the evening the activated devices that produced real sounds of guns shot. Joshua was complicit in all this. He smiled.

I made calls to the police and to the FBI. When the police came, they talked to Joshua, not to me. Joshua smiled and told lies. He seemed to be in intimate knowledge of everything that was happening.

Hotel Claremont

First picture describes the position of team 1 and one of the guys who, at the lobby seemed to be in control of the situation there. He made jokes about sex and how certain people had been shot.
Gerai, in the background , talked to him in the same direction. It was a very tense and dark situation.

Second and third pictures give an idea of where team 2 was located. Redirecting the attention of everybody who passed by the sidewalk towards me with hate comments and showing media in their phones.

Fourth and Fifth picture represent the places where harassment and beating took place.

These two pictures represent places where I was harassed and beaten in Miami Beach. In another document
I will give details about the perpetrators of these actions.




ListElement {
title: "San Francisco"
picture: "content/pics/san_francisco.png"
caracteristics: "

  • Arrival at the Airport
  • Living in South San Francisco
  • Going to San Francisco.
  • Working at parking lot and office

method: "
  1. Some additional information can be found here
  2. Individuals trying to make my life misserable previous to arriving to the airport.
  3. 2008. A mixture of people carrying out all kinds of harassment while at the terminal.
  4. Use of different kinds of audio devices - hi tech - for desorientation as soon I tried to leave the terminal.
  5. Frightened by these actions I get back to the terminal and stay there for a week. Starts my desorientation.
  6. I strongly feel that the guys responsible for all these actions were not from San Francisco but, at that time, I thought that all aggressions were local.
    It is impossible to describe the effect that the cold temperatures, when you do not have the proper clothing, has on you. It is like an ongoing torture
    that little by little starts dominating all of your actions. The only thing that you think of, when it is getting cold, it is how to protect yourself
    from the temperature, since you do not have the proper resources, you start inventing things like changing the position of the body, going to unprotected places that
    look as if they could protect you even though it were a little against the wind and the cold. All of the time you spend thinking about that. Add the fact that they
    have made you believe that your parents are dead and that you are HIV positive.
  7. Spent some time out in the terminal's shuttle area - around 15 days - and then moved painfully to South San Francisco.
  8. In the meantime, a lot of people were making money singing hate songs about me.


ListElement {
title: "The Kidnapping"
picture: "content/pics/kidnap.png"

caracteristics: "

  • 1.- Immobilized at the airport.
  • 2.- Change of behavior.
  • 3.- Criminal distraction.
  • 4.- Frozen in the area


method: "

Immobilization at the airport was achieved by using GangStalking outside, plus the cooperation of a massive number of
employees and people with special skills biasing them against me. In different opportunities there were death threats.

My behavior changed while taking into account what had happened in the other airports and adding the new set of situations created in
the last one.

The criminal distraction was used when, adding to the sexual subject that was being developed, they started to spread around false information about
my family and my attitude towards the family. From this moment on, they have used my family in a number of occasions to disrupt my thread of thoughts.
Perhaps I should have written about this a long time ago, to give a better picture about the nature of those involved in all this.

The effect of all the methodologies used in the above described sections had the effect of freezing the person who was submitted to this treatment. I ended up
wandering about the whole airport. First the shuttles, I took one shuttle after the other; then the stairways, where I started to sleep. When I asked if there was
any shelter around I was told that only in San Francisco. When in fact the Bay Harbour shelter was near the airport. Apparently this was done due to the sex attacks.

I spent like seven days inside of the terminal and fifteen around the airport before being told about the Bay Harbor shelter. Sleeping in the stairways was difficult.
In many occasions they placed a car, usually a small truck near the place where I tried to sleep and then they played hate songs, mostly hip-hop at that time. Later
other type of musical movements joined the campaign, but this was long after the airport events.

Once they have you immobilized, they start to work with the criminal groups to harass you to the point of desperation, where anything can happen to your mental stability or
your health. Money is of paramount importance at that moment, that is why people who do not have the support of their family or are not wealthy become homeless. Nobody would like
to live the life of a homeless, there it is easier for the guys that want to destroy you access you, your property, etc. And they can influence the people in places like dormitories
and where you get your food in such a manner that your life becomes very misserable. And then your whole world dissapears and you enter the world that they have created for you.
At the time that I was attacked in this way, there were practically no regulations in what refers to sex in important sectors of the life of the society. So people in those sectors
thought they could abuse freely of people accused or perceived as belonging to the LGBT.

To make the matter still more complicated, I have seen and heard LGTB people collaborating with those who want to destroy me. Others have been very polite and have warned me and explained
about the way that the different layers of the society interact. Something absolutely unknown by me. I realized that since most of my life was spent in big and liberal areas, there was a lot
of misperception about what the rest of this country was. Besides, the country itself changed so much that even the citizens were stranged at the things that were and are happening. I feel, again
that I have been selected as a Target of Opportunity in the context of a political revenge.

ListElement {
title: "South San Francisco"
picture: "content/pics/south_san_francisco.png"
caracteristics: "* Go to live Under a Tree"
method: "

Before moving out of the area of the aiport I make an effort to make sense out of what was happening to me. I started to faint on the floor and remain there
motionless, whatever happened. First time this happened outside of the airport was at Burlingame. There I spent the night near a hotel at the coast, outside.
In the evening the water system rained on me and I could not move - so tired and frightened I was - and the employees laughed at me while observing. One of them
said that the water was poisoned and I, completely frightened, went the next morning to see the administrator. He told me that the water was bad but not poisoned.

At the time that I am writing this - 2012 - I believe that there was a complot orchestrated, somewhere before I arrived to these areas. And by very powerful people,
to create a fictitious persona of me. And that many people, for one reason or another, were synchronized with that. They way that the whole thing affected me was this: an
immense psychological attack

During that evening several guys were around me saying that I made their task of killing me easier by staying outside of the hotel.

Next thing I did was going to the Westin nearby and ask for some help to verify if my parents were dead or not. I asked to see somebody in the hotel
who could help me with that. Next thing that happened was that they called the police. The officer did not pay any attention to what I was saying, said that he had
a friend that could help me and, all of the sudden a car came and I was told that I had no choice, that I had to get into the car . They took me to the hospital to
undergo a drugh test and be analyzed by a psychiatrist. There I heard things that gave me the impression that, for some reason, they considered me some sort of sex
problem, they mentioned Europe and looked at me really weird. From that moment on, during a long time, any complaint was directed to the psychiatrist, the guys who were
harassing and attacking me in many places, sometimes using very sophisticated devices and techniques, did not exist. The songs instigating to my death, widely disregarded, I was
leaving in one world and they were living in another.

There were several things that most of the population of the area believed when I was there

  • I was HIV positive.
  • I was a person who had had some sort of sex career.
  • My parents were dead and I had laughed when they had died. This was continuously reinforced by the criminals with songs and street theater.
  • There were more lies orchestrated - as far I could see at that moment - at the Hotel Claremont, where there had been such attacks that I had to take the decision of leaving the hotel and the area.

The location of the tree was near a power plant. I stayed there, isolated, most of the time. Thinking of how I had been contaminated with HIV. How it was possible. Was it my wife?. She looked very healthy. I had had no sexual contact with anybody else
. When had it happened?
I spent so much time thinking about this that my mind practically left this world. Everyday was waiting for a new symptom. I guess that this is the moment in which my behavior changed radically

Obviously I made attempts to leave the area. Only to be rejected by the population in ways very aggressive. Sometimes before arriving the area there were people that somehow, knew that I was arriving and screamed for me not to reach their neighborhood.

The only solution that I had was to leave this country, and that was my next move.

What I found was blocking of communications and of money going to the bank. Because of the sensitivity of this information I will be very short. But it happened and I documented it timely.
My perception at this moment is that, with a variety of methodologies, all unknown to me, the main objective was not let me leave the country and submit me to different tactics to destroy me in character and physically. It is only due to a miracle that I can write these words,
they have orchestrated everything so well, and I have been so isolated and attacked, that at this moment, according to their plans I would be taking dangerous medicines in a hospital. I felt so bad taking those medicines that I sent myself into research. And that is how I
explain what is happening to me now. But they were able to deteriorate me so much that physically I still suffer a lot.

It is only After certain time that you start thinking why there was so much interest in destroying you as a person. I think that I was taken as a proxy for a sex campaign and that my status as immigrant helped the attackers, since I was going to
be used to deter people from doing certain things, attending certain places, and they were going to dehumanize me to the extreme. I felt that, somehow, my privacy had been violated, but when I requested information I was never informed. It happened several times. It was also remarkable
from those moments on, the actions of 'Vigilantes' making my life misserable. This happened in different counties..


ListElement {
title: "San Mateo"
picture: "content/pics/san_mateo.png"

caracteristics: "

  • First steps. Inquiries.
  • Living in the Parking Lot
  • Creating Applications
  • Staying at the Hospital.
  • Returning to Parking Lot
  • Leaving the parking lot

method: "
  1. Painful arrival. Very thin. Nobody would have stood seing me. The bad and the good guys knew it. I think that was the moment
    that some of them decided to make a plan that allowed me to get partially on my feet, but not to get paid or make money.
  2. Asked in several places about what was going on with me. Went to the airport, police, called the FBI, called Department of Justice.
  3. The same as when I arrived and talked about the people harassing me. All times I was sent to the doctor- psychiatrist - as if I were out of my mind.
  4. When I went to the hospital - forced to stay - they gave me Risperdal And Geodon. Things did not get better. Memory and health deeply affected. Now diabetes took a toll on me.
  5. It was not only the memory. Ones feels really bad, desoriented, static.
  6. My teeth started to torture too. Spent around seven months to get Medical. First registration to Medical was missing three months after doing the registration at the hospital.
  7. The building was bombarded by sounds - stating that I was HIV positive among other things, the machines promoted what the operators wanted to be my sexual orientation. This happened
    a lot of time. So I believed that I was really sick and there was not much time left in this world.
  8. When I returned to the parking lot they ignored what had happened at the hospital. So I was worse than when I left but I could not explain them the reasons. Not in the state I was .
  9. I have described in several places what happened at the parking lot with the microwaves or whatever kind of technique that was used on me. In particular I was curious about the fact that
    the intensity of the attacks was greater after the labour hours. At the time of this writing 05/21/2012 I realize that the intensity can be strongly associated with how I felt, and the the
    tireness that I felt, together with very rigid sensation in the extremities , was nothing casual or imagined by me, but the result of the attack to which I was submitted. But there is another
    detail important about variation of intensity; in the first days that I spent at the parking lot, when I slept in the cars, I was practically forced to leave a car because of the extreme intensity
    of the attack, that day I slept on the open air to avoid been practically cooked inside of the car.

ListElement {
title: "San Jose"
picture: "content/pics/san_jose.png"
caracteristics: "
  • It was hard when I came to this area. Very pretty and I did not know anybody.
  • Hard looks or curious looks from the people.
  • Some people help.
  • Some people were intrigued. Not more than me.

method: "
  1. In this period of time it was very difficult for me to walk. Even that was painful.
  2. Some people looked at me with some sort of curiosity and despise. Other were troubled by my presence. I started to feel that there was a consensus in not treating me good.
  3. So the plan was to make me look like a guy did not know how to do anything.
  4. Weak, and with that kind of background behind of me I started to ask questions. Probably an african - american woman gave me the best answer. I cannot write down here what she said. She did not say any dirty word. She was a very educated woman.
  5. I recycled at Los Gatos and surrounding areas. Felt so frightened and weak that even though I was walking by buildings that hosted companies where I could have applied according to my curriculum I felt frozen .
  6. At this time in my life I had spent a number of months without taking a bath.
  7. I realized that I had to do something to get a better look. Went to the Home Depot and waited, with other people, for work over there. The food in San Jose is very good. And cheap in many places. I recycled again.
  8. I went to a beatiful small city - do not remember the name - and there I made a decision to go to Santa Cruz. I had heard a lot of good things about the place. But the most important thing was that it was in the mountains and I love nature.

ListElement {
title: "Santa Cruz"
picture: "content/pics/santa_cruz.png"
caracteristics: "
  • Arrived to Santa Cruz after three days walking in the mountains.
  • Went to live near the river.
  • Worked at a computer store.
  • Build websites.
  • Lived as a homeless again. No work for some time.

method: "
  1. Spent some time walking in the mountains before arriving to Santa Cruz. It was cold, very cold, I did not have the adequate clothing and suffered a lot. I assume that it was dangerous too. Big trees. Great forest.
  2. Even in the mountains I was harassed. The guys insisted on saying that I was dead. So I spent all the time controlling my fears. That calls for a lot of energy. I am sure that the guys knew about this. And enjoyed it.
  3. I managed to survive and get the adequate clothing when I arrived to Santa Cruz. First place was Boulder Creek. I liked the culture of the town, but it was also the first place where I heard something so horrible and misguided
    in reference to me that I realized that I was seeing by many people as a person that definitively I am not. My economic condition apparently was responsible for all this. But my health was really bad, and I took the things as they came,
    step by step. I had a terrible pain in my bones and they were very rigid. Boulder Creek was also the first place where a person - a couple - went to the place where the place where I was sleeping with a dog and let the dog wonder and run
    around me at 2 AM in the morning. I found that odd, the dog woke me up, but it did not attack me. It is a very artistic city. Heard some interesting comments about the hate groups that you can find in there.

ListElement {
title: "The Next Victim"
picture: "content/pics/virtual_data_logo.png"
caracteristics: "
  • They carefully analyze data at the different places to select the victims.
  • Once the victim is selected they contact the criminals, the musicians, the street players and more.
  • They talk with their partners in the media.
  • Hi-Tech, criminals and providers.

method: "

First method that was applied on me - with overwhelming negative results - was to make me believe I was HIV positive - at an airport - is that normal?
Second method that was used was to make me believe that my parents were dead. They really enjoyed that. I still remember the International Fligts Floor at San
Francisco International Airport and me asking to the man who is in charge of the only stand there: Sir, they are saying that my parents are dead. And he saying, go
to the police and then, when I turn my back, he is saying to other person: He is crazy , everybody knows that his parents are death.
That was something that happened
frequently afterward. They played with my mind and they were successful in taking me to another mentall state.

They select the tecnologies that will be applied.

Criminals - Musicians get into the scene and make money with songs that instigate murder. Ordinary people act in most cases as if nothing were happening. It seems to be the normal attitude when a person is targeted.
This individuals, in most of the cases, do not know anything about music, but just repeat rhythmically what they have been paid for. Like robots paid to sing deadly rythms.
The next step is real crime and they are ready to enjoy it. I will
never forget is when, walking by a street in San Francisco, 2009,
a black man gets near me and says: Wait till they tell Us to get mad. Who were - they - the ones that were going to tell him to get mad?

Can you sleep normally after that when the other elements that were played at the airport are still in your mind? What is the time of recovery for that? This is an important element. Because they try to slow
you down by shock. Or you die with what they are doing or the doctor prescribes pills that turn you into an idiot and consequently you lose the battle, or you recover when it is too late. They enjoy that.

It is a perfect methodology that has been repeated again and again. And it also total corruption in many occasions. With not an angle overlooked. That is why the guilty ones are always the same kind of people.
Since they have been selected taking into account their economic status since the beginning it is assured that there will be no serious consequences. Maybe that is why I am trying to find the truth in all this.
Not every day you convert into a homeless a nuclear engineer.

  • They talk with their lawyers to see how they can get away with what they are doing. After all, it is all business.

    But this time they have extended the range of victims too much. The next victim is you. Why? Even a kindergarten kid would understand that with all the information that is going to be known about a person in this country anybody who has access to it can destroy you completely.

    It turns out that now if a former boss - that did not like you - had send Miguel, for example, to a club to set you up in different ways and then make a drama of it and then tell his version of the set up and document it, THAT is going to be legal and accepted. At some point I worked in a place where ther was
    a guy like this and was warned that I had to act against him. I did not do it. Do not make the same mistake if you are reading this.

    At the time that I interacted with this individual that was criminal and was blackmail and conspiracy to destroy a person.
    This kind of people only enjoy destroying and controlling through innuendo. And they are dangerous. I cannot add more - for the time being.
    . So the cousin
    of Miguel, when you arrive to an airport, is going to negotiate your information with criminals and your are done, next day you are what Miguel and his cousin want you to be in the STREET. And who is going to know, if everything has happened a long time ago and now it is a party with music,
    clips, joy for the lynching and street theaters to reinforce? And to reinforce, the use of non-acknowledged technologies to spread and use the sound and consequently manipulate the minds of the audience - which correspondingly will be victims at the right moment too.
    In the meantime they think that you are ONLY under the effect of the sound, when in fact different technologies are focused on you and act over your health, getting you tired in a minute, making you walk at random and then making the audience believe that you are healthy and acting strange on purpose.
    Some other times they - the audience - does not hear the subject of the hate songs that you are listening or are partners in behavior and thinking of the haters - anyways, you are a foreigner.

    Especial attention is given to not let you recover at the hospitials They have been granted permission to enter the hospitals and harass you. I want to believe that the personnel in the hospitals ignore that they activate devices that can hurt you. But that would
    contradict my experience at the San Mateo Hospital, where, in 2010 I heard a detailed description of special weapons that are used by criminals to kill you without leaving any trace. Abou and Ryad were the ones who made these comments, as well as some patients. So from that moment on I started to
    research and being more worried - scared - than when I entered the hospital. It was the moment that I realized that my life could be in real danger. It added to the fear of HIV that I had at that moment and that only dissapeared when one of the doctors at the hospital ordered a test.

    It is the perfect business of the XXI Century - as far as now . The information is sold and manipulated as if it were a poison, a candy , life, death. Even phones are hacked and information that you never thought that existed - in your phone - is going to be placed there. And if there is
    not even a law avoiding the exchange of pictures with criminal purposes, how is it going to exist a more sophisticated one avoiding that criminals, sent by someone that is supposed to protect you from them, put wrong information in your devices to change your whole world in seconds? It is
    crime, data and technology. All together and all dangerous. But the real Gods are watching Us and US.


ListElement {
title: "Conclusions 1"
picture: "content/pics/conclusions.png"
caracteristics: "

Please read carefully what is stated below:

method: "

Some important moments here

  • The person who said - A este negro le van a dar un pase diario - In a group that was
    around me when was homeless is the one who triggered the first step of total terror in my mind. This
    was 2009 and it was a multirracial group. I was trying to sleep in San Francisco near the Canton Restaurant.
    In my blurred mind I think that they were around me and joked and made comments, usually during the evening.
  • The woman that , around 2009-2010 said: I am going to empty my gun in this nigger . When I was
    taking care of the cars and sleeping at the parking lot was probably the one that trigger in me
    the determination to fight against whatever ideology defended by this kind of people. As I remember
    she was white, slender and the hair semi-red.
  • There were guys standing across the parking lot or near the place where they sell yogurt. They were singers
    who assigned me nicknames and said a lot of things about me.
  • There were frequently guys near where I made my phone calls to listen or bother. The public phones started
    to dissapear around and beyond the parking lot. Also when I took the bus they were frequently harassing. Always the same type
    of people. A culture had been created around me.
  • I felt so much fear that I seldom left the parking lot.
  • Among the people who have been watching me and destroying my life there are at least two women. They are white and cruel.
    Enjoy making me suffer when I am sleeping as homeless. They play with the word death in their comments to frighten me and
    to let the audience know the fate that they have prepared for me. I would like that an International Investigation on Human Rights
    found out who these women were.


ListElement {
title: "Conclusions 2"
picture: "content/pics/conclusions.png"
caracteristics: "

What follows is very important:

method: "

  • The fictitious scenario of equal opportunity created after spreading so much negative information - in a way that contradicts the
    principles of the United Nations - should also be investigated. It is refined cynism to say that a person can work properly
    when the people can exchange pictures, songs and clips instigating to his death. That person should be allowed to leave the country
    as soon as possible.

    My attempts to return to my country were blocked since I arrived to San Francisco. In a way not perceived by those
    who were watching -

    the show

    - the extreme surveillance that was used allowed them to block my communications in the bank and stopped
    money from reaching there. Also I was blocked in my phone communications and completely destroyed mentally with false information about
    my health and my family. Communications that I tried to establish to get back my money from the apartment that I rented - the deposit - were blocked continuosly.
    It was total control over me in a none declared way. All this terrorized me in a deep and difficult to describe manner.
    Those responsible for all this are laughing now. Many people have committed suicide from that moment on, due
    to the exchange of pictures in the way described. I have stood much more punishment since then. Maybe somebody had to explain what is
    going on and God chose me.

  • A factual analisis of the period in which the actions against me took place is necessary. First of all the kind of sexual attacks that I suffered
    is very difficult to be repeated and people more protected currently could try to disregard all what happened to me as something exaggerated. It is not.
    At that time there was no goverment policy considering the issue of the transsexualism and it was still implemented the - Don't Ask, Don' Tell - policy.
    Since there was an evident desire to make an example with me, all the weight of the lack of regulations in these two different fields fell on me. It should
    also taken into account that there was an evident desire to make all what happened with me a political issue too.

  • There is an evident conspiracy in not acknowledging my skills in software. It has happened in several occasions. In Daily City a man saying
    that I did not complete a project for him in Wordpress. I feel that somehow this guy was serving somebody because I found him in suspicious
    circumstances in Redwood City, did not want to accept any option that I gave him and followed me with his wife in a car up to Palo Alto. He
    behaved as if he had been paid for it. Later on in Watsonville, my evaluator did not know Joomla and discovered that it was written in JavaScript
    and said that he was testing me; besides he like to play songs with sexual content when I was present. I have the title of the songs in the Internet.
    The use of music - in different languages - has been one of the weapons that the haters have been using against me.

I feel that dangerous people had targeted me since a long time ago and that I was not capable of finding out on time. A had a mental collapse and only recently recovered.

Not taking the pills was one factor. I have to find out about this, and I have talked to some lawyers about that. But I don't event know how to start. Until recently I was still forgetting things.

I have to find out about who spread the false news at the airport and in the subsequent days - events that transformed my whole life. Also all the false atmospheres created by the media and other people.

Not a single day of my life I have practiced a sexual act in exchange for money. I strongly believe that these people will try to eliminate me to leave no trace of their wrongdoing. They have done it before.

All points to very powerful people, retailation and treason.

My health has been seriously impacted. Physically and in what refers to side effects, the memory and some sort of static behavior that only recently started to fade off.

It has been particularly damaging
the use of non-lethal weapons. Sometimes they made me scream of pain in the evenings. They can damage your ears and accelerate your heart, I suffered that. These are dangerous individuals. And they have constantly
promoted violence around me.


ListElement {
title: "Conclusions 3"
picture: "content/pics/conclusions.png"
caracteristics: "

It is really out of the ordinary what has happened?:

method: "

I am in doubt that it is really our of the ordinary what has happened to me.
I have read about a lot of cases where Virtual Data destroyed life by missusing information. It looks like a plan,
in certain minds, to conform the way according to their desires. And there had to be a pretext to access the info
of people and do business with it. And the pretext was the war. For the young people, who do not know how their
country was seen before I have only one expression : Everybody Wanted to come to the States
and few, very few people, had a different opinion. Probably the main point here is that people who do not handle
data has NO CLUE about the way information is processed. But it is already time that all people be more responsible
about this - and avoid suffering as I have. Do not let everything to the ACLU, but read their website. It might save your
life. Do you, for a second, have thought in the number of blackmails that can be structured if information from 40 years ago
falls into the wrong hands. Better wake up.

They first put up a show in which you laugh at somebody. Then, in record time and with the same methodology
they will make some other people laugh at you - cruelly.

Another good reason for my insisting in following up with programming is that my health was really bad and that I did not
want to let them say - with some reason - that latinos and negro programmers are a matter of science fiction. And besides they managed
to create a terribly negative environment in every single place that I tried to have a beginning.

I loved my wife, I was happy with her and the kids and thinking that I was going to introduce them to my family. But Virtual
Data had other plans. They enjoy more cruelty than the happiness of other human beings. As a matter of fact, happiness is a
word almost forbidden in their world. You the readers are smart. Th>ink wether I am write or not and give yourself the answer.
I am providing you this information FOR FREE. But it could save your life.

Everything that happened from the moment that I went to Ocean Five Hotel on is criminal. Those people were blatantly destroying my
life with a powerful authorization. They were simply spreading information and authorizing mistreatment and death threats. And they
are doing the same now 2012, after a period of tense relative calm

When I arrived I had clear objectives. To have a job related to my specialty and be useful to this country and my family.
It is impossible to have done something different from what I have done. I focused my mind in programming to avoid getting crazy and
to get back to normal after the pills. A lot of people, in the meantime, have committed suicide for similar reasons, as Tenkasi promissed.
Good times for people like him. Now it seems to be that every single intrigue and lie that they created will be allowed. Not for ever though.
The real God is watching Us



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