The vaccines are not fully tested.
They are not peer reviewed.
There are no clinical trials.
They have been rushed to market,
They are sterilizing men and they are rendering women infertile.
There is Zero corporate legal liability.
They are potentially DNA altering.
They destroy the human immune system.
They are not legally a vaccine. They are an injection.
They enable experimental genetic engineering.
The vaccines are not a cure for anything because they are killing people.
It is not research because the manufacturers of the pandemic and the manufacturers of the vaccines are deleting opposing information.
It is not science because no one is allowed to question it.
It is not data because the adverse reactions and deaths are being censored
Both the PCR swabs and the lateral flow swabs are contaminated with magnetic hydrogel.
The recepient of the vaccines can now have their every single move and act monitored and controlled by an external force and they no longer have any human rights because pain and death can be transmitted to them by electromagnetic means.
This is a world war being fought under the guise of a health emergency.
Thousands of medical professionals are being censored.
Those who have manufactured and pandemic and the vaccines dont communicate . Instead they dictate.
They are not giving out precise data, they are instead generalizing. All the medias in the world are saying the same thing and using the same words because they are being paid to produce the news that the pandemic manufacturers want. They are also largely under electromagnetically induced mind control programming which is known as Silent Sound Spread Spectrum and has other names.
The manufacturers of both the pandemic and the vaccine have built a pandemic task force of scientists and doctors, most if not all of whom have a conflict of interest because they have received funds from the manufacturers of both the pandemic and the vaccine.
There is no debate only censorship and censorship is the first sign of a dictatorship.
Treatments which work to cure the health problems which have been deliberately manufactured in order to manufacture the pandemic can easily be cured by either ivormectin or hydroxychloroquine or both.
The Global Alliance of Vaccine Initiative who are known as GAVI have total immunity in their actions. They can commit any crime they wish and they dont pay any taxes. They have diplomatic immunity in their luggage. United Nation member states give money to the International Financial Facility for Immunization known as the IFFM and the IFFM give that money to GAVI.
The PCR test which is done by pushing a swab far up the nose of the recepient is unnecessary because the same test can be carried out by testing the DNA of the recepient by using a saliva sample.
John Hopkins University has issued a SARS pandemic plan for 2025-2028 so this manufactured pandemic will possibly last eternally.
The Coalition for the Pandemic plan will be expected to return all money to each country as soon as they are held accountable for their actions.
I obtained the above information by listening to several online videos featuring World Health Organisation Scientist, Astrid Stuckelberger, as well as Henna Maria of Andalucia, Spain, an Unknown British medical professional and one other whose name I do not know.

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