Internal problem can only be solved by internal people. It is 100% American mind control secret employees' job to let every Technical supporter know they are being killed secretly everyday by man-made cancer, heart attack, car accidednts,etc. Targetted individual can only provide envrionment and conditions.


Those American Ethnic Indian, Ethnic Taiwanese, Ethnic South American and African secret technicals who caved in to darkness by helping to twist deserve being killed as twisting only help Evils, do you agree with me?


Animal lives for power and sensational satisfaction. Living for family is equivalent to living for power and sensational satisfaction. What do you think humanbeings should live for? If your purpose of living is not different from those of animals, you should be called human garbage, do you agree with me?


American technical secret garbage is the evil source of most bad things happened today and the previous 40 years. Those animal-purpose human garbages who caved in to darkness and shamelessly said everyone would do the same as themselves. Why didn't you kill yourself when you dare to cave in to darkness, American secret technical garbage, animal-purpose human garbage. You are not only making tens of thousands innocent people killed mentally or physically everyday, you are helping to justify killing you would benefit humankind as without garbage like you Rockefeller cannot kill so many innocent remotely. American secret garbage who dared to cave in to darkness, the earlier you are killed, the sooner the secrets about Remote surgery and remote mind control technologies that are secretly killing tens of thousands by man-made cancer, man-made heart attack, and other diseases, man-made aircraft accidents, man-made nuclear plant accidents that didn't happen to the Mafia tycoon Rockefeller family themselves but are happening to "Shawn the Sheeps and Brice Taylors" CIA obedient secretly everyday, would be exposed to the general public.

You know we do not have 3 choices. You and me we only have 2 choices. We are either killed after doing bad things to humankind, or we are killed after doing good things to humankind, as without exposing remote surgery and remote mind control technologies, everyone who knew mind control would be killed secretly. Without killing every human garbage who knew and believed the existence of mind control but did not help to make the whole world know, everyone who knows the secrets would be killed secretly. The number of bad people should decrease. The number of good people should increase. That is how humankind survives. Do you agree with me?

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