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So one day last year a co-worker suggested me to watch some reality show. So I did. But it was very weird. Everytime I looked at a certain person at that show, they'd start to blink frantically. And then I found out that this was the case on other channels also (even on the Larry King show!). I watched these shows when they weren't live and they didn't do that at all. They'd also laugh when I'd do or say something funny.

Also, one time they made me have a crush on a girl at work. And during those days, all the music channels were playing non stop love songs that they never played before. They'd wake me up every night at 2 am, and make me listen to love songs all the time I spent home. My apparent "love" for that girl reached very high levels (and I hadn't even talked to her much before that), because they were giving impulses too. Anyway, that girl didn't show up at work for the next 2 weeks or so, and so the feelings faded away.

Also for about 2 or 3 months, I would hear the same songs over and over again (on TV, on the radio etc.).

Last year presidential elections were held in Romania. Everyone around me would say only good things about one candidate, and bad things about the other. And this was happening on facebook too. All of my fb friends would post favorable post about one candidate and negative posts about the other.

One day I ate beans and got bloated. The next day I'd read an article on the spanish yahoo talking about beans and bloating. And it wasn't the only article that related to me.

Has anything similar happened to you as well?

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