Involvement of close ones

I have many reasons to believe that my family is involved in this and I'll explain why.

The ones that really cared about me are now dead (my mother and my grandparents). 

It's surprising how one of my sisters (who lived with my father most of her life in another town) and one of my cousins got hired in the romanian secret services at about the same time I believe they first started to monitor me.

My boss (the veterinary doctor) where I worked at the industrial farm and where all this started was my brother's (who aswell lived in another town with my father) sister in law. She infested my mind with stories about alledged irregularities that took place there. But they were just stories meant to play with my mind. She posed as the righteous one and made me report all the alledged irregularities that the workers were doing. They were supposingly stealing stuff and chicks from the farm and selling them to the mafia.

My father and my brother aslo told me such stories. And one day when my brother's wife told me to find a girl, and to get married and have a family of my own, my brother replied ironically "haha, what a joke".

One day the workers talked to her, and she acted as she had lost her confidence in me. In the meanwhile, a lot of killer faced guys started to wander around in my neighborhood and throwing threataning looks at me.

I went the next day to my sister's birthay party somewhere outside town. There many suspicious looking guys were present. I was standing in front of my sister's brother in law. Menwhile my brother and his wife came. The first thing his wife asks was "how's work". So I started to talk about the alledged irregularities and that my boss (her sister) lost confidence in me. When my sister's brother in law heard what I was saying, he went to talk to my sister's godfather and I could hear them as they were angrily saying "we have no other choice, we have to get rid of him". When I heard them I started to feel like that was the last day of my life. Then they started to put happy music, and everyone started to dance, and I could hear them making jokes about how some people die younger and everyone was laughing (especially those who were from the secret services). It was horrendous.

Next day I was afraid to leave the house. I went shopping with my father, and I could see how a lot of black vans and suv's (as if they were going to kidnap me) and even more suspicious persons (they were better dressed, as if important local figures were also involved) that threw threataning looks at me started to wander all the places I went to. Nobody believed me when I told them that I was being followed, and when I told my father that I want to quit my job and leave town, he told that "he would be done with me if I did that". But anyway it turned out that it was just a hoax.

Then my family started to avoid me more and more as this experiment (or whatever) advanced through once phase to another. My father treated me badly the whole time I stayed there. It was more than clear to me that he wanted me out of there. And how did they do it? They put me through more and more mental torture as the time of my father's return from the countryside was closing in (he went there shortly after I got hired and he let me live alone all this time). I couldn't stand it anymore, I quit the job and went somewhere in the countryside decided to commit suicide. I spent all my money and smashed my cellphone. But they didn't let me do it. It took me 3 days to return home. In the meanwhile, my other sister (the one who lives in the capital) reported to the police that I was missing. So the day I returned from my journey she came and took me with her to the capital. My father (nor my other brother and sister) didn't stay not even 1 whole day with me since the mental torture began.

I believe that they tried to start this in 2008. He told me back then that he had found a job for me (the same job at the industrial chicken farm). But when I got there, I noticed that they were acting weird so I decided to return to my hometown to live with my grandparents (they were alive back then). I remember he was enraged by my decision.

My father (along with a sister and a brother) left us when I was 2. He never showed any affection and I have many reasons to believe that they are involved.

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  • Most likely manipulation to your mind, none of them is involved, hipothetical scenarios are evolving in your head. Its very important to have carefull aproach and do not get in conflict, no matter what, keep all close to you since goal is to self isolate you and appear delusional. Its extremely secret technology that only few has access to, noone you know is involved, im sure. Whatever you think its directed to you from people arround you, probably its not, kind of induced psychosis. Keep family, relatives, friends and coworkes close to you, make compromise and keep in touch. Forced conflicts.
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