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  • Elizabeth i am afraid don't the answer to all of your questions.

    However there is something definitely wrong with Soleilmavis Lilu it is not like her to icnored my messages!

    I am concerned it maybe one of my abusers because the one with the very dark glasses is very clever at hacking
    as he hacks my mobile phone everyday!

    Also some people of whom have had picture profiles have suddenly disappeared!

    I don't have one because i need to protect myself from my abusers and maybe in some cases
    other people have to do exactly the same as me.
  • Has Peacepink been sabotaged? I've experienced difficulty in accessing the blogposts of individual contributors. On some pages, the scroll does not continue by numerical sequence but reads 'more' & freezes at a certain point, thereby slicing off posts that maybe over a decade old. There are also posts listed completely out-of-sequence. Unless Peacepink needs to be scrubbed for glitches, something's wrong.
    Recently, I read an article composed by a robot or algorithmic journalist. Corporations are 'employing' them to establish brand narratives. The journalist's name was Carmen - no surname or accompanying photo. She had 'written' numerous articles & her profile was provided.
    Have you heard from Soleilmavis Liu? Has Peacepink been tampered with? Will these problems be rectified? At what cost?
    Many thanks for your work - especially for the protest at 10 Downing Street - excellent!
This reply was deleted.