Ok, I Would Like To Have You Look At Some New Evidence In The Desing

Flaw In The IBM Neural Implants And The IBM Verichip I Called Them
Months Ago I Have The Phone Logs In My ISP See The Verichip Can Hack A
Implant For A Prisoner I Called Them They Never Called Back Months Ago.
This Flaw Caused A Huge Problem Also Resulting In Death. This Is A Major
IBM Flaw Not Responsable To Any Government Agency Or Country Souly IBM
Faulty Equipment. People Need To Look At This Desing Flaw Carefuly.
Some Governments Were Looking To Stock Pile The Implants I Knew They Were Dangerous In 2006.
I First Learned Of The Exploit And Had Not Spoken About It Moths AgoMaybe Longer Im Not Saying Right Now I Have My Reasons. I Have Made A Video A While Also. But The Inter Face On The Implants Can Be Altered And The Newer Chips Are Compermisable. See The Implants For The Test
2020 Neural Implants For Prison Were Used Already And The IBM Prisoner Impanlts Can Be Reprogramed Through A Verichip The Interface And Desing Flaw Is Involving The Tunning Capacitor Is Able To Tune Into Electronics And Other Implants With An Interface To Reprogram. They Can Be Edited
Through Command Line And Interface To Be Altered Extremly. To Allow Mastering And Remote Access And Control Of A Targeted Human That's Implanted Annd Even Run Commantd Line To Tune Into A New Verichip Lock To Open A Door. IBM Is Very Faulty In There Desing And Has Major Oversight
Of There Total Desing.

The Tuneing Compacitor And Wireless Intergrated Technology Is TotalyFlawed And Is Scriptable And Very Unsecrly. Remote Accessing Zombie Slaves And Other Implants Proves To Be Too Easy And Caused A Major International Problem. Some People Are Claiming Harassment And Tourture
These Implants Tune Into Brainwaves And Can Cause Mass Hallucination And
Violent Tendancies And Memory Loss And Impared Judgment Depending On The Implants Programing. These Implants When Programed Properly Can Even Interface With Computers. Although They Hold Potential There A Little Too Dangerous And Should Be Banned.

As Far As Morgellons Deseacse I Feel Is A Hoax Buy IBM Industry And A Cover Up They Can Be Tuned Into An Organic Impalnt And Moved Through The Interface And Removed Safely This Seems A Millousios Piece Of Programming Intended To Coverup A Malfunction By A Corprate Desing Flaw.

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