Killing us slowly

You do not have the right to life.  There is a "Project" put in place called The Liverpool Care Pathway.  The name alone is misleading, it is not just local to Liverpool, the county or the country for that matter.  The tentacles of this program are now stretched global.  If those that are curious  throw it through Google the search will return with sites that are heartbreaking but that paint a pretty picture of caring heroic professionals that are trying their best to make an inevitable end of life as lovely as possible.  With a primitive tick box system that is as easy to misread as it is to manipulate and which is sometimes secretive and unjustifiable is a program of death which takes away the right to live.  This program is aimed at the most vulnerable whether through illness accident or weakness of the mind When placed on this pathway all medical aid to progression and for life is withdraw.  A syringe drive containing a cocktail of drugs sedates leaving a silent victim. This alone would be terrible but then added to this is the withdrawal of all fluid.  This results in death by dehydration.  The words fall too easy on the screen, they can be read without a thought.  Death by dehydration. Death by dehydration. Death by dehydration.  A poet, an artist the wisest of men could not hand you the true meaning of those words.  If you could replace the word inhuman with a picture then the death I am trying to explain to you would be too much.  Left for death with a look as if their life was been sucked from their open mouth that is set solid with dehydration.  These are people that we have laughed and cried with our loved ones someone's child.  They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, if this is true you will get a great chance to peer in, the eyes are wide open unable to close any longer.  There are many people out there that have managed to be pulled from the clutches of this hell.  They are better equipped to explain what they went through.  I can only warn you that this monster exists.  I can only give you a start to the information that was with held from us even when a person we loved was placed on it.  Like thousands of families we are still living with this hell.  Knowing that blinded by authority wearing the blinkers of their secrecy we watched and read the pain we clearly saw in a strong fathers eyes as the anguish of a sad goodbye.  How wrong we were and how deeply it cuts when with hindsight we now look back at the brief memories of the eye contact he struggled to achieve as he struggled against what was been done to him.   That kind of hell has no escape and maybe that is rightly so, the fact we didn't have a clue that this type of thing went on is not much of a get out of pain free card.  We should of known, what is it that makes us place something so important as the life of our loved ones and everything that involves, unquestioningly in to the hands of others. Others who no matter how good their intentions are, a job is but work and to work for someone you are expected on a whole to comply and follow procedures.  Who is left to question those procedures if we the ones that claim to love them do not.  How many are there that could sit in a waiting room reading a magazine full of mistakes and mess ups in connection with health care and still not think to question their care.  Those that read this, those that are told, you have the start of information that is invaluable, and like anything it comes to you at a cost.  You now have the responsibility of knowing.  Those that know and do nothing are worse than those that are carrying this out.

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  • Some of these health care providers or retiarment homes are the black widows of sociaty. They cut corners regardless of the value of life. They only care about turning a dollar. If its to expensive to care of some one, they take them out. this is totally an abouse story and one of negligance. I am sorry for your loss, I would sue.

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