The Remote Control of Medical Implants and other Implants.


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 Letter to the Department of Justice in Ireland this morning 4th December, 21.
Dear Minister for Justice,
According to information contained in   a recently published  book called 'Royal Blood Lies' which was written  by the  historian Susan Bradford whose website is   the author  claims that the Rothschild banking family have controlled Europe, the Vatican and the British Royal family for two hundred years  ever since the Napoleonic wars.   She also claims that they own most if not all of the central banks throughout the world including  what is known as the central bank of central banks which is the Bank of International Settlements which was headquartered in Basel, Switzerland.   Susan Bradford goes on to claim that the Rothschild Banking family have placed their own people into positions of power everywhere, creating momentum through institutions, banks, governments,the media, hospitals, armed forces and other components of society that move in lockstep throughout the world to advance what is known as the Venetian agenda.  Furthermore, they  can kill at will without questions ever being asked.    She goes on to say that since the Rothschilds now think they own it all they are treating humanity as intruders on their property.   She also states that the Rothschilds must correct what they have done, relinquish their power, and then leave the world stage forever, taking their agents with them.
Many people throughout the world including myself  are being tortured by means of invisible  energy weapons while we are inside our own homes and because the weapons being used to torture us are invisible we can not prove it to the police, the media or elected politicians to the extent that remotely administered torture has been happening for decades without the awareness of most of the general public.   Many of us have possibly been implanted with medical implants or else  nanotechnology or neurotechnology or a combination of all three without our awareness or consent.   These implants are then stimulated or used to interfere with our bodies and brains on an ongoing basis.   We perceive some of the interference as psychological torture.    If we attempt to inform the police we are immediately referred to psychiatrists who have been taught to believe those who complain that they are being interfered with from unknown remote locations are mentally ill.   This partial enslavement and torture system is worldwide in scale and it is highly co-ordinated.   In my opinion, the only people with the money, power and connections to create, co-ordinate and run this widespread worldwide torture system are the Rothschild banking family who are well known Satanists.  However, I do not wish to incite hatred against them because those at the top of hierarchies can always be wirelessly controlled by others who are entirely unknown to the general public.   Perhaps Evelyn De Rothschild and his cousin Jacob Rothschild who appear to be two of the wealthiest men in the entire world are partially  externally controlled by means of directed energy weapons and neurological weapons just as I and many of my fellow country men and women are.
Should we take down the infrastructure which allows others to torture, enslave and genocide people from an unknown remote location with possibly no repercussions to themselves or is their an easier way to solve this problem.    Many elected politicians and others who are tasked with protecting our human rights are themselves under mind manipulation which is being administered to them by several different means including Silent Sound Spread Spectrum and Mind Slide Programming to name only two of many.  
Yours Sincerely,
Gretta Fahey aka Margaret Fahey,  Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560,  Republic of Ireland.
My landline home phone number is 094 9360901.
4th December, 2021.
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