Ley lines are conduits of energy that surround and run through the earth. Individuals who wish to hoard knowledge of earth ley lines for themselves have promulgated the false notion that the existence of ley lines is pseudoscience. For this reason and others the study of earth energy fields has been banned from school and university curricula throughout the world. A differential in knowledge leads to a differential in power and these individuals wish to gain power and control over the human race. Human beings are streams of energy. Who ever gains control over the earths ley lines would eventually in the same manner gain control over a human being through control of their human energy field, in particular the energy vortices of said human energy field. Cathedrals are known to have been built on earth energy field intersections.

I have been subjected to illegal remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation for many years. There is now a computerized two way wireless link from my body and brain to a computer network. All of the data concerning the electrical activity that my brain and body generates is send via this two way wireless link to that computer network for analysis by unknown neuro scientists. Because of manipulations which have occurred within my brain down through the years it may now both help me and hinder me if I were to allow myself to fall asleep while near a computer even if that computer was switched off. When my brain waves reach a certain level of deep relaxation signals from a nearby computer could now enter my brain and this would cause eventual deterioration of the link between by brain and the computer network which would in turn free me from being slowly and incrementally bio-robotized. However, it would alos eventually hamper my ability to think clearly because of extra unwanted data entering and being stored within my brain. The unknown neuro operatives who reproduce their voices inside my head have informed me that they wish me to relay many messages to mankind in order to help mankind to take back their power from the dark new world order criminal cartel and I would not be able to do so if unwanted data had entered by brain in this way.

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