Cats (1)


I have read a book called 'Pottingers Cats' by Francis M Pottinger who was a scientist who wrote the book in the 1930s. He had 900 cats and a large staff to take care of them. He fed them cooked food initially. After four generations they all became sickly. The kittens were born with crooked bones and crooked teeth. If surgery was performed on them they faired badly and often did not recover from it. After four generations of eating cooked food the cats became hostile and aggressive towards each other and towards the staff. The cats also became chronically ill and many died. The scientist Francis M Pottinger was so frustrated by the deteriorating health of his cats that he asked his staff to collect feral cats from the streets and to feed them nothing but raw food. The cats thrived and after four generations they were affectionate and happy. They recovered easily after surgery. The kittens were all born with straight teeth and bones. There was no chronic illness among the raw food fed cats. I still have that book. Such an experiment has never been publicly performed since that time. Why is that the case?

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