Lucky Elon Musk

Lucky Elon getting rich off the backs off TIs tortured to death to develop this tech. So there must be a whistleblower giving him miltary secrets were patents are hidden. I assume its a beneficial for the public to know what the miltary has done since 60s "really". What about compensation to familys whos child was driven to sucicide by the brutal torture to develop this. Again I guess having the public know the truth is compensation . Done believe me. I will tell you something you dont know right now. You can record all your telemetry eyesight taste hearing feeling thoughts and save them on hard disk. Then with dream programming you can relive that again like reality. For example record your vacation and relive it like reality again later. Its already been invented. CIA dream programming. Its not virtual reality. Its beyond virtual reality. You heard it from me first!!!! Want to know more? PM me. FYI with AI and Dream Programming you can create beyond virtual reality experience. It would be like Star Trek Holodeck but via Dream Programming and implants. Guess what? Its already invented long time ago. Eventually most people will spend all their time doing this when commercialized. Its not like a video game its like an alternate reality. Public sector already has AI that can generate youtube videos.B2B communication (Brain to Brain). See through the eyes of another person. Feel what it's like to be another person
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