Magnetic Shielding DEW

Magnetic Shielding

This is so important it is done right. Nickel Nickel Nickel

High Nickel content is good but hard to get and expensive but there are many others

DEW directed energy weapons, Invar 36 will work, Permalloy is ideal but expensive

But it could be used to line a hat with paper as an insulator and aluminum foil and

More paper in layers the same with invar 36 it will make a shield for your head and it

Works they can’t lock on. I found a source for invar 36 but it is dangerous to get

Inside every picture tube is a shadow mask this mask has holes in it for the electron

Gun to shoot through.

This guy a bit of a moron he did not where a particle mask please do, phosphors

Is the toxin he is breathing? The mask is just behind the front of the screen

It is spot welded to sides of the supports which is also invar 36 after it is out

Wash it off it can’t rust. Keep the mask on and dispose of the glass safely.

Most of the rest of the tv can be recycled at the scrap yard they will buy the

Copper, circuit board aluminum steal.  Note there is a heavy insulated wire

Coming from the fly back transformer to the picture tube remove and ground to

Metal chasse the capacitors can hold a charge for years.


That is what you want those holes just like a microwave oven

Door which also might work for a shield these holes are cut with a laser, microwaves

 cannot pass through, screens don’t seem to work as well as laser cut holes.


High nickel content stainless steel might also work. Any stainless sheeting would be a deterrent


You get microwave door screen from china.


Grounding types of shielding don’t seem to work they just become an antenna and make

It easier. Look at MRI shielding room, not faraday cages don’t work either. Space blanket no

Water bottles no, this is a magnetic field. I have seen batteries work A,s double AA
B,s etc. why, they have nickel and zinc so a shield could be made out of old batteries

If you’re brave or desperate.



So what your trying to do is redirect an unwanted magnetic field.


This worked later :0) J

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