Mass Appeal To Keshe Foundation

I have made an appeal to a brilliant scientist and his foundation to help find protection for victims of frequency weapons. This man has developed paradigm busting technology that can render the present level of technological attainment on planet Earth obsolete. He works with Magravs(magnetic and gravitational fields) and plasma fields. His technology brought down the American spy drone in late 2011 without firing a shot or causing any physical damage. This is the link: mans technology is beyond doubt the greatest hope for TI's suffering to finally end. Please go to the forum on his website where I've started a thread asking for his help in finding protection for those of us targeted with frequency weapons. can explain their circumstances and the effects this experience has had on their lives which can serve to validate our collective circumstances as well as provide a compelling human dimension to this plea. It is imperative that this man and his colleagues become aware of the holocaust of remote satellite torture. To have a powerful impact it's critical that a mass of victims independently confirm this atrocity in their own words.Love and Light to You,John
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