..Good info for an International Lawsuit since the US Supreme Ct. DISMISSED MY CASE TWICE AND MY MOTION FOR RECONSIDERATIO:...FROM THE International Court:

One of the great innovations of the Statute of the International Criminal Court and its Rules of Procedure and Evidence is the series of rights granted to victims.[92][93] For the first time in the history of international criminal justice, victims have the possibility under the Statute to present their views and observations before the Court.

Participation before the Court may occur at various stages of proceedings and may take different forms, although it will be up to the judges to give directions as to the timing and manner of participation.

Participation in the Court's proceedings will in most cases take place through a legal representative and will be conducted "in a manner which is not prejudicial or inconsistent with the rights of the accused and a fair and impartial trial".

The victim-based provisions within the Rome Statute provide victims with the opportunity to have their voices heard and to obtain, where appropriate, some form of reparation for their suffering. It is this balance between retributive and restorative justice that will enable the ICC, not only to bring criminals to justice but also to help the victims themselves obtain justice.

Article 43(6) establishes a Victims and Witnesses Unit to provide "protective measures and security arrangements, counseling and other appropriate assistance for witnesses, victims who appear before the Court, and others who are at risk on account of testimony given by such witnesses."[94] Article 68 sets out procedures for the "Protection of the victims and witnesses and their participation in the proceedings."[95] The Court has also established an Office of Public Counsel for Victims, to provide support and assistance to victims and their legal representatives.[96] Article 79 of the Rome Statute establishes a Trust Fund to make financial reparations to victims and their families.[





1. Who manages the Trust Fund for Victims?

2. If victims are not required to show up in court, who gets the reparations for them?

3. How does this prevent scrupulous people from misrepresenting victims?

4. How does this prevent an "organized business" that allows a group of people to claim reparations for victims who can not show up in court NOT because they really can't  BUT because they do not even have an idea they can fight for their rights under ICC?

5. How does this prevent a group of people intentionally creating scenarios that would give the impression that victims are indeed traumatized (because they continually subject them to attacks, like Electronic Attacks for example), so they can claim reparations for them without the victims' knowledge?

6. Where can one see a list of victims who have already won reparations or have been awarded damages by ICC? 

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