'Michael Clayton'

Why is it that countless books have been written and widely read, like '1984', and big-budget films, like 'Michael Clayton' have been created and widely viewed yet we live in a culture of denial about what IS going on? Citizens That Know believes it's because mainstream cultural knowledge has become the domain and has been disseminated by people who cannot know truth. They present truth through their warped sense of it. The root of this problem are those with Narcissistic Personality Disorder that demand control of our society and our conforming to their view of it, despite what we actually know to be true, ourselves. We've all been made into enablers...until now. The internet allows us to hear our own voices.'Michael Clayton' TrailerGeorge Clooney, Lead Actor, 'Michael Clayton'People with 'Narcissistic Personality Disorder' feel 'entitled' to 'fix' and 'manipulate' the world around them in any way that suits their immediate need. If you say 'No', they will try to bully and intimidate, or they simply change direction. But they can never change their 'thinking'. They are incapable of this as their behavior isn't based on rational and socially conscious thinking. THEY cannot change. But, we can change the way we form social systems that deal with this, and our awareness and response to their behavior on a day to day basis. It is around us all the time. Many people are afflicted with NPD. Many more are enablers, and balance their own weaknesses by connecting with these disordered people or systems.In the film 'Michael Clayton' it isn't clear why the Tom Wilkinson character is manic depressive, why he chooses to go off medication, and then 'strips down' in a meeting. Realize that the technology used in the film, particularly in relation to this character, sends up red flags that there are advanced technologies in use to 'manage', manipulate and 'fix' things. There are 'mind control' technologies. These can easily put thoughts and ideas into a person's mind without them being aware that it's not their own thoughts. ['Enemies', political and otherwise, can be made to compulsively do things that will get them into trouble.] It is in use in the military to give orders to officers in the field. People who pose an inconvenience are being disposed of as in this film. You don't have to be stepping outside of your house. They'll come right in and 'zap' you while you're asleep. They may not kill you, just inject you with something for experimentation or just for amusement. You can not lock your living space securely enough.How fitting, also, that this film pivots around a company that sells a 'deadly weed killer'. It is our disconnect from the web of life that brings us to this. Yes, it refers to companies like Monsanto, and holding patents on the genetics of plants and livestock. But, it comes much earlier than that when humans became 'unbalanced' and began disrespecting nature and leaving it out of the balance of how we live as a society.We have no time to waste... say 'NO'.
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