microchip implant detection


I think i have been bugged with microchip/RFID humann implant/radio transmitter/ICT implant/cohelar . I don't exactly whicch one is implanted. Most common is RFID implant.

I bought 4 EMF/RF detectors to  detect  any RF emission of RFID(Radio Frequency Identification Device) implants that may probably implanted in my body.  I tried QuWave defender, schumann resonance device, orgone blaster , Personal Polarizer, CellSensor EMF Detection Meter , 3-Axis Gaussmeter but no luck

I followed some of shielding tips published in internet,

I tried ,EMF shielding products from  lessemf  to block or reduce emf exposure. I bought GPS jammer, cellphone jammer, nothing work.

what is successful way of detecting RFID microchip.  I read somewhere that passsive RFID can't be detected using above devices. Only active RFID devices which have their own power source can be detected. passivee RFID need to detect using RFID reader which will chanrge device while scanning . but i don't know frequency or location this device implanted .

some suggestions from other users is like this,   "It's not as simple as holding a RF detector up to the body and getting a reading. There is background RF noise that has to be taken into account. The implant may not read out (transmit data) until it is first activated by an external interrogation signal, which may itself be coded in some fashion. When activated, the implant may read out for just a few brief seconds, making detection difficult. The implant's output may be of a 'spread-spectrum' nature, making it very difficult to capture with a typical RF detector or even with a RF spectrum analyzer.
For close to the skin surface implants, a scan with a Infrared imaging camera might show up 'hot spots' where the implant had been recently activated and its components are warmer than the surrounding tissues. In some cases, even small but strong magnets may physically influence an implant near the skin's surface."

Can you suggest me best method to detect  passive RFID human implant?


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Search these words in Google for more information   gang stalking ,

Satellite neuro technology,   rfid human implants, verichip human implant, mind control victims,

A Brain Implant Victim Speaks Out - Branded by the Thought Police , Memorials of Mind Control and Directed Energy Weapon

, Introduce V2K (Voice to Skull) - peacepink

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  • The more you say that others dont find personal human interaction, that makes me different. I know that there may be other explanations but there is a lot more than just signing this contract that said they were going to micro surveillance equipment into my home, as well as other things that I was not allowed to read. The coincidence would be great. Along with a whole 'book' of other things from seeing myself on someone's laptop, to having people talk about it openly around me. I belive that the humans that were there at the beginning are still there. Doing what it is they do. They may have grown bored with someone who figures out their ploys, so they move on to 'fresh meat'.

    And yes , it would take real 'proof' for me to change my mind. 

    When you lay out an idea, you must support

    it by your other claims. For instance, if you say that you think AI is doing this , you must explain how they are recruiting new victims. Is it by chipping them? Or by microwaves/ Or ELF waves? Or the AI uses others to do it now. How do you explain it?

    You leave a lot of questions unanswered when you simply say its caused by AI.

  • Annie, why do think it is the 'AI' That creates any Illusion? I know a little about running computer operated machines. They require manmade programs. And yes, I do believe that there has been very very little human contact in the last two years, I feel without doubt that there has been mind to mind interaction between myself and the perps. That, combined with actual in the flesh human being involved tells me that humans get involved on a a personal issue if they wish. Is there some sort of 'LAW" stating that a a perp cant contact a TI in the flesh? Form my experience, there is no such 'law'. If the perps want to get involved, they do. You challenge me with your statement that I do not know what you have or haven't experienced, then tell me: have you ever been in contact with a human perpetrator? Or someone involved with a perpetrator?

  • Paul, you have absolutely no idea on what I have experienced "knowingly" when it comes to V2S. So I dont think you can say anything about that.

    Of course there are humans behind the program from the beginning, but it doesnt mean that real  humans are sitting behind screens talking to a victims brain via V2S.  If you believe that, your are probably under severe manipulations from the AI. and quite stucked in that illusion. Its common a victim get stucked and blocked in a particular illusion, created by the AI.  I personally dont think that the people going through/working with the data collected from the programs runned on our brains, might  even be  aware on how the data is collected, if any humans doing it at all, It could all also be computorized.

    I have had lots of experience from V2S in all kind of different types. Still I know its AI, and if its one thing I am totally sure of in all this, its that. At the very first beginning in the initial phase I for a very short period thought it was real humans, but then again, I thought I heard them via the walls and wasnt even aware no one else could hear it. Like Chanath says, its even possible to trick the AI., surprised you havent experienced that ?Try to repeat a word for a long time and see what happens.


  • Here's another site showing MRIs of JAmes Walbert. If those implants are that fucking big, he should have no problem removing them. As far as Im concerned, if he chooses to spend his money keeping up his lifestyle, then he deserves any torture he gets. And I hope they dont catch up to him with ELF waves, from what I hear ELf waves gives them a more stable platform of media, so the torture is more precise and accurate, thus it is more terrifying. Like I said , if he was truly terrified he would spend that money on a simple surgery. I would cost him more than a couple of grand.

  • Here's a site where he is soliciting money for his inventions. I will look until I find the one where he seeks $100,000.00 for his surgery.

  • AS to James WAlbert, I stated clrearly in my post on his page, that He was robbing the True tIS by asking for money when he spent his own on his invention. Look, he's got all kinds of TIs like you, who have most likely donated to his campaign, wrapped around his finger.

    The post was most likely removed because It became clear that he was bogus on that very site. ANy way, how can you explain why he has not had them removed after years of them being there. If they are truly there, why doesn't he have them taken out so he can "end it"?(I put that in quotes because even if someone really had a chip, it wouldnt do any good to have it removed because they will get you with modern ELF waves based equipment.) I also heard a Radio show ith James where he says he doenst believe in v2k. I find it hard to say hes a real TI if he doesnt get v2k, I mean v2k is basic to what they do.

    SO again you see someone saying , "this is real, and this is not," based upon their own experience, without taking others statements as real or of any value. I certainly learn from the facts. I know humans are involved with me, but for some reason, they don not involve themselves with you Annie or you Chanath.

  • I signed a contract, someone who tried to tell me of it, got murdered. I dont have the space to tell the story here. But it is obvious that we have experienced different things. I know I have had humans involved in the flesh. I am in the flesh and I am involved, you are in the flesh and you are involved. DO you truly think that humans are not on the other side as well? By saying there are not humans working on the other side is saying its ALL being accomplished by AI. without ANY human involvement. Yet you have absolutely no 'proof' whatsoever that it is all AI. You have no proof that humans were not involved with my situation. You ONLY have your own experience to go by. No TI has seen the apparatus they use, and If you haven't met another player of the game, you dont have place to make a viable statement because you have not knowingly experienced it.

    I used to tell this one group of perps that if I met them on the street, I would kill them for what they did to me. They responded, "If you meet us on the street, we will introduce ourself  and shake you hand, and you will never know who we are."

    Again, you are limiting yourself to your own experience.

  • I do not agree with you any, when it comes to humans not being involved. I have had humans invovled from the beginning. They do use both programs and a form of AI, but there are humans and they do visit us when they feel inclined. Its true that they are not likely sitting behind a screen. They may be lying, eyes closed, using only their minds to do the communicating. It may be a contraption like the one used in the Lawnmower Man, where your body is suspended off the ground. The humans may also try to meet you in the flesh. It really depends upon what they are inclined to do as a person. Some are content to sit back and watch, others like to take part. How involved they get on a personal level is up to them. 

    I know how you might feel that there are no humans, because you have not knowingly experienced it, but believe me through some of the time, I am sure there are humans using v2k, and there have been humans in the flesh that have involved them selves in the process. I think much of what we believe to be true about this is based on personal experience. SO If you havent knowingly had humans involved, you see it without humans. (although you have admitted there are humans somewhere that over see the machines. They may sit or stand or ly down when going over the information they get from the work the computers do.

    I think it is an error, a great error, to miss the reality of human involvement. My torture has lessened almost to the point of stopping. I have noticed through it all, that there are productive things I can do to distract the perps from their own agenda. They get into what I am doing and let up on the harassment. I think that some of the machine operators can see me as more human than at the beginning so it has become harder for them to torture. It may be the exchange of humanity that our captors that take part in that leads them to becoming a whistleblower. This may stop because of an insider with a conscience.  

     It helps to remind myself that I have had real people involved. I have not been 'stalked' but I have had people introduced into my life with the purpose of creating entertainment value for the show they were putting on. Twice I met hollywood celebrities that were playing the games. So, you see, there are alot of different experiences to be had as a tI-not just what you have experienced. I must remind myself of that as well. SOmetimes I dont think anyone at all is chipped with implants. Then I think, It might be possible, its just outside my experience.

  • I must add here that it is not humans sitting behind any screens doing this to you, its a program runned remotely on yr brain.  Learning from yr brain and mapping it.The "V2S", can sound perfectly authentic and mimicing any voice and morping voices. It doenst matter if you "work" on the relationship with the "voices", as there are no feelings whatsoever involved, since its not human. In fact one of the things trying to map out, is indeed feelings and the Psyche, as that is a huge missing part when building advanced Blue Gene super computors with AI. The signalsystem in brain is manipulated, so you also perceive sounds that arent there, or perceive them in an incorrect way (what you hear is not what is said) The AI is  after some time being,sort of intergraded in yr brain, so at sometimes, it can recognize a thought even faster than you would recognize it yourself./Annie

  • Also, The doctor's article that talks about JAmes Walberts' case, (using him as an example of a true target) Is not accurate. The statements made by her about the RFID chip doing more than sending a signal is wrong. They have never engineered one of these to create the symptoms of a true target. James WAlbert has a website where he is asking for $100,00.00 for surgery to have it removed. He claims to still be tortured but spends all his money on his invention, so he needs to beg off usto make is torture stop. Its been years and he still hasn't had it removed. I think its because he truly knows his story is bogus. There is no proof that James Walbert is a TI. 

    SO the article recognizes symptomatology that victims feel, then they try to say how it works without proof. The symptoms caused can be caused by other means. To try to use a flawed example for proof like walbert's case in unprofessional .I do not take the doctors article to be anything more than her own personal opinion. I compare that to the knowledge  I have from being a TI for nine years, and from the research I have done on ELF waves.

    It is a shame not to tell the masses the real truth. There is no need for an implant. Anyone at any time can be brain mapped by the 7.8 hertz ELF waves our brains send off. This is unsettling to many TIs. I think they feel special in some way, like they were 'chosen'- I used to feel that way. BUt, its not the truth. WE are usually just in the wrong place at the wrong time, just like anyone else could be. And you wonder why family or others around you feel strange sometimes. The perps can manipulate their minds just as they manipulate yours. For some reason, we are aware of what they do when others are not. I believe their goal is to advance their database to run this tech on everyone on the planet at the same time. 

    keep doing reasearch. I would suggest looking deep into ELF waves. be proactive and try to humanize yourself to the perps. It may help some, depending on the kind of people are running your 'show'. I have had nicer perps and when that has happened there has been little or no torture at all.

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