Monsters from the ID

I lov this  movie

Monsters from the ID

Mind reading not a chance a chip powerful enough to read your mind lol would be as big as

suitcase and that is giving them the benefit. The rumored VR chips 300% faster would not 

even read my pooping activities. A chip to transmit brain waves (at the right speed) way bigger.

Lowery system radio or microwave need line of sight on the target but

LRAD types ultrasonic's at 14500 hz no problem. They really want this if you look at the disinformation.

All of this is to make you feel paranoid helpless. Profiling spying tracking hypnosis is the game.

A Brain Game. Download Zemana anti keylogger free and the Tor Browser They know so 

much about you from spying their spy's are watching talking to you. Think predator, When

they talk look for key words. Think NLP nero linguistic programing, feel an emotional response

but don't act on it.  My reaction to NLP is be quite long pause smile use a head flick to dismiss them.   

Monsters from the ID so true an anti tony Robins or the mindless primitive.

All this disinformation. is what the future will be If you let  it happen.

The Thought police mind downloaded by court order.  Man I hope not Nazi go home.

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