Hi I have been a victim of electronic harrassment every since I lived with my ex-boyfriend Charles in 2009 when he had drugged me and put me and  implanted the microchip in the leftside of my brain without my consent and when  I woke up I felt alot of pain on the leftside of my head so asked him if I should go to the hospital then he said no you probably just bumped your head you will probably be ok. I also have a copy of my 2012 mri of the brain that shows the microchip in the left side of my brain along with copy of my 2008 brain mri photo that shows no microchip in my brain in 2008. I believe that my ex-boyfriend Charles or his mother Lillian paid these people by the names of Mykelle and Mark and that Marks brother also got involved when he would visit them upstairs from me when they used to live there. I also think that Mykelle and Mark's brother still visit the apartment complex where I live at because I see his brothers motorcycle parked across the parking lot from me on a regular basis. I think the reason that my ex-boyfriend Charles or his mother Lillian paid these people kill me in 2012  to try and keep the microchip that was implanted in me without my consent from being found out about. I also believe Mykelle and Mark that used to live at 1504 Steelwood Ln apt 2 Reno,NV had got my next store neighbors involved that live at 1504 Steelwood Ln apt 3 Reno,Nv 89512 when Mykelle and Mark used to live upstairs from me because they needed more help from other people so that they could switch computors to keep it from being found out about while they used cybernetics on me through a microchip in me . My internet was hacked by my nextstore neighbors for two years I did not know I didn't find out about this until my computor screen locked up and I reviewed my netgear logs and noticed that there was a foreign ip addresses that was not mine, so I decided to unplug my modem for awhile and eventually bought a new modem from att that is harder for them to hack. I also no longer make up my own passwords because these people are able to read my thoughts through a microchip code that goes to the microchip in my brain on their computor screen. I think they have put sonic ear on me a hearing device for elderly without my permission this reason that I believe this is I have had popping and pressure in my ears they also send loud voices to my ears I have even recorded them going through my ear on my computor through a microphone. I  also wear doc ear plugs and sonic ear plugs to block out the sound waves being sent to my ears 24 hours a day. I also think they have used microwave oven radio frequency waves on me or electronic guns that they have made up either through microwave ovens or some type of electronic device because I feel alot of electricity go through my body it makes me have headaches and I throw up and leaves me  feeling weak and dizzy. I have done everything I can do to protect myself  I have filled out  online police reports and a FBI report on these people and I have also typed out a letter to the City Mayor along with writing to the President of The United States through email and mail and have not recieved a response back from either of these places. There is one good thing going for me I wrote a member of congress Mark Amodei about stop electronic weapons that are being used against me and many others and when he wrote me back I was surprised when he said that he would be glad to represent me and my family members. Other then that so far I have been ignored by doctors who have done nothing but misdiagnose me with having a mental problem, such as bipolar disorder scizophrenia the day after my brother died when I was in depressed about my brother dying from pre-leukemia. Which I know I don't have a mental problem such as bipolar or scizophrenia  because I am not a violent person my thoughts don't change back and forth and I  have taken a class on medical terminology and I know that scizophrenia is diagnosed at a young age not at the age of 41 when I was misdiagnosed with it. But I guess that it is so easy for the doctor at the  mental institute to  misdiagnose me with a mental problem because he did not realize that I had just lost my brother and was depressed in 2012 when he diagnosed me and he also didn't know that electronic weapons was being used on by others through a microchip in my body to mind control,torture and kill me. I have also bought a trail gps tracking device to gather more evidence and have caught all the signals that was being sent out from my nextstore neighbors apt at 1504 Steelwood Ln #3 Reno,Nv 89512 into my apartment at 1504 Steelwood Ln apt 1 Reno,Nv 89512 along many others signals that was coming into my apt that I caught on my tracking device coming from other apts. These people need to be stopped that do this to me and others out there with electronic weapons and through microchips that have been placed in our bodys without our consent before it is to late because this is becoming a worldwide problem this is being used  not only to kill me  but also on  woman,men and children out there. I also had a MRI done on my brain at Reno Diagnostic in December 2011 during the mri I got red in the face after I came out of the mri my face and chest was red and that only happens when there is a metal object in the body and the tech made sure there was nothing on me that was metal on the outside of my body or inside to cause that to happen before I went into the mri machine. I would have to say that Renown Hospital here in Reno,Nv has done nothing but lie to me about the microchip that is seen on the mri photo in my brain through the ex-ray and mri department because they told me I had a normal brain mri and ex-ray with not foreign objects seen but I would guess that a microchip is so tiny that it is almost invisible to the human eye unless the mri is blowen up it would be hard to see so I can't really blame them. I know this because I have reviewed the brain mri photos for 2008 and 2012 and I have seen the microchip in my brain on the 2012 mri photo of the brain when I blew the photo up. I have tried to show my own doctor the 2012 mri photo and he told me that it was a airpocket in the skull of my brain on my  2012 mri. So I decided to get a second opinion from my sons wife a certified mri tech while she was visiting my apt I asked her take a look at the mri of my brain for 2012 to see if she could see anything on  the mri of my brain then she told me that she seen a foreign object in the leftside of my skull on my 2012 mri photo and that I should have it surgically removed I later reviewed my mri photo of my brain for 2012 and found a photo that looks like there is a microchip in the leftside of my brain. I also bought a RF bug detector for more evidence and took it outside and all the lights lite up on it and when I held it close to me I  a video of it by me. I am a woman on disability and I have been diagnosed with enviromental pre-leukemia that could have been caused from the electronic weapons that have been used on me through the microchip along with whatever kind of electronic guns they have used on me through microwave ovens etc. I wanted a second opinion from a doctor that I paid online and he told me that my 2012 mri of the brain done by Renown Medical Center looks like I have frontal antrophoy of the brain but Renown medical Center lied to me failed to tell me that. I have been physically and mentally tortured and sexually raped by these people through this microchip in my brain from a microchip code that they have typed in on their cell phone or computors with internet connection. They have caused me alot of health problems through Physco cybernetics or some other cybernetic programs that they have used on me without my permission through this microchip in the leftside of my brain or skull. Not only have these people ruined my life these people have threatened to kill me, my children and family members. My hope is that these people will be stopped so that they can't do this to other people out there through electronic weapons and microchips, and so that they can't do this to me anymore or to my family members later on. If you can help me in the fight against preventing me and others from being electronically mentally,sexually tortured,gang stalked, and eventually killed off from electronic weapons and microchips this would help me and many others. I also believe that the microchip is the worst thing that the President Obama Of The United States  approved because it causes cancers in humans and animals and allows other people to implant the microchip in a persons body without the consent of the other person and this is the  reason why I decided to start this petition. I not only started this petition to help me but others out there that go through the same thing. You may ask how do they do that? Not only do these people get paid to kill people through electronic weapons  but if a microchip is implanted in a persons body without the persons knowledge all they have to do is  send out a signal from a computor or cell phone with a microchip code that they have typed in and that signal automatically  sends out a signal to the microchip that is that persons bodys and from then on they can mind control us,read our thoughts, watch us on camera inside and outside our home ,torture us by causing pain throughout our body and rape us by causing orgasms to happen in our bodys as long as they want too through the microchip. They can also steal our Dna to use it for what ever they want to through the microchip implant . Then they eventually kill us by causing us so many health problems through the microchip and electronic weapons that they have used against us just because someone paid them to  murder someone.  They even make more money off the person they have killed and make it look like nothing happened because they caused health problems to me and everyone else through electronic weapons and microchips that was implanted in me and other, so after the person died it looks like we died from a natural health problem not a microchip because it is so tiny even a autopsy doctor would not even notice it most of the time unless their was evidence  from the deceased left behind such as mri photos,abnormal medical records etc. that would prove that the person died from a microchip and electronic weapons that someone used on me and them to kill. They are also able to steal the Identity of the person and any passwords through the microchip that is implanted in me and others because they are able to read our thoughts on a computor and cell phone ,so when they have killed me or other people they can collect what ever is left over in my bank account and other peoples bank accts if they are not closed out along with any insurance policys that was left behind from the deceased person. Simply by creating a fake Id card and using the social security number of the deceased person that they have killed. I need your help to put a stop to electronic weapons and microchips this not only kills people like me and other but it invades in the privacy rights of me and others. If you would please sign my petition it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,Sincerly Dina Hamby  less

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