my story

Im 27 and have been being harrassed by them for 3 years now, though at the start like many i thought i was just going crazy and hearing voices but ive been on the meds for years now and nothing has really changed. I have been doing research on this for a few months now and sespect i well could be a victim like many many other people out there so thought i might as well add my story even if 'them' (cia whatever/who) are harrasment me everyday of my life. 

it started in 2009 and i can say ive had almosy all the electronic symptoms on the list. and still hear voices from them threating me 24/4 - embrassment or people hearing my thoughts and no privatcy as well as the weapons they use. anyway if want know more lets talk!

cheers take care glad to find others in same situation.

finn peace x

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