The American super rich Industrialist Elon Musk informed the people of the world that he was planning to wirelessly electronically connect our brains to the brain internet by means of nano technology inside our brains which could be injected in through our veins. I have already been wirelessly and electronically connected to the brain internet without consent and now data is being harvested from my brain and body and other data is being transmitted into my brain and body from an unknown remote location. Because of the fact that nano technology is now embedded in my brain, unknown others can transmit data to my visual cortex and they can give me a virtual reality experience against my will and without my permission. Last night while my brain was in alpha wave which is half way between awake and asleep I was sent the following unwanted and distrubing experience. A man was made to appear in front of my eyes but it was not the mans face I could see. Instead, I was forced to see the front of the mans trousers up almost against my eyes. This was upsetting to me and I am reporting it to the public so that they will take down the wireless electronic infrastructure which enables criminals to force good will, good living men and women to experience unwanted virtual reality experiences by wireless electronic means. We can also remove the nano technology from our brains and bodies by means of taking chlorine dioxide because chlorine dioxide oxidizes all heavy metals inside the body and purifies the body but that might take several months of continually taking tiny droplets of freshly activated chlorine dioxide several times each day.
Please share this with all of your online contacts and ask them to share it will all of their online contacts because the main stream media is now owned by the same corporate owners who own these wireless electronic technologies and this topic is being censored from the main stream media.

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