Last 40-50YearsNoMajorFindings in fundamental Science and technology due to media being controlled by a Tycoon Mafia family using Focused Electromagnetic(EM)

RemoteSurgeryandRemoteMindControl (Two electromagnetic weapons developed in 60s and 50s respectively) that can synchronize brainDamaged mediaworkers’ speaking&behavior.

That family was suspected to have been involved in killing President Kennedy in 60s. (Lots of evidence on their motives including earning money in the Vietnam War, which President Kennedy was against by saying "we choose to go to the moon not because it is easy...", and President Johnson who became President after the death of President Kennedy died suddenly the 3rd years after not being president.)

1940-1970 Atomic bomb,computer,satellite,semiconductor,laser etc. were invented.

After70s,there was NoSimilarMajorInvention. Scientists as Einstein were also turned into brain experimental targets by tycoon family technicals. Sleepwalker terrorists, gay & lesbian, global privatization emerged. Mediaworkers were mind controlled to cover the truth.

Please Remember To do the 3things for us WhoMightHaveBeenMurdered by the time 3 Secrets about Remote Surgery and Remote MindControl being exposed to EveryOneOnEarth.

(1) Same Surgery on those who enabled RemoteSurgeryOnHumanBeings to prevent EM_RemoteSurgery Abuses;

(2) Build memorial Buildings in every country and engrave stories of heros on walls to encourage youngsters to do right things;

(3) Delete names of those who did bad things from names of buildings, school names etc. and use numbers to replace their names in history record, for instance, use Evill001 in Second World War to replace Adolf Hitler; use Evill001 in MindControl Crisis to replace Rockefeller if Rockefeller family controlling mind control FIRM was true.

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