neural dust.

We have been ingesting neural dust in food stuffs for many years to the extent that most of us who eat processed food stuffs are saturated with neural dust. Electromagnetic radiation allows the neural dust to penetrate the blood brain barrier and enter the brain. This neural dust allows unknown agents to read our internal biological functions from a remote location. By this means and others they can draw all kinds of information from our brains and bodies such as how often we eat, what we eat, what we think about and talk about and what activities we participate in. Your smart phone has been programmed to gather information from your brain and body for distant analysis as well as to create a detailed profile of you and all of this has been done without your expressed permission and more than likely against your will.

It is believed that we can destabilize the neural dust inside our brains and bodies through the administration of strong pulses of magnetric energy. The whole subject of magnetobiology has been banned from university curricula for this and other reasons.

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