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  •  Maybe you can have the Judg thrown out of the case, and a new one brought in; if the judge is doing something unconstitutional! I wanted to chat with you, but never saw you around??? These people are as low as dirt. i have been on here about every day! I am Viki Ro. from Sacramento. I saw you on Youtube. I hope your not a perp.

  • I am studying on the Grand Jury stuff now.  Interesting angle. 

  • I think both of you have a great idea. We should try them all and see which one works! but we have to follow through asap.

  • let em know if you are interested in this at all.

  • click on Grand Jury and procedure on the left.  A pop-up comes up ...close that and go back to screen.  Click on 'grand jury' again on the left.  Read Randys Kelton's explanation.  Also google his interview with Alex Jones  he explains alot of it in his 'freeman/strawman' interview.

  • The section On Grand Jury is most good.  We could go directly to the Grand Jury with the complaint and have them ring prosecute and bypass the prosecutor all together.

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