I tried contacting the National Institute of Health and was met with laughter from whom ever the lady was on the phone. I'd like for whoever is reading this to think for one minute.... if these people are able to use govt satellites then maybe just maybe they're to stupid to realize that they're just puppets as well? There's no way any govt is dumb enough to sell Mind Control technology to a "terrorist organization" and not have a fail-safe? I'd also like to add that whoever these people are they might just well be actual agents of Satan? Anyways I wish you all Love, Peace, Protection & God's Blessings....

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  • Yes Harold I agree, they wouldn't unleash the weapon on the World if they didn't already have the counter weapon, or fail safe as you put it. I wouldn't take it too personally (being laughed at). I mean would you believe it if you heard it before you were targeted? I wouldn't have in a million years. This really is a very difficult situation we are all in.
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