No More Nightmares

9143060094?profile=originalI need assistance from whoever that can help me. This never ending nightmare never ceases. All the professionals I seek are useless. Some idiot is pressing all my buttons and I hate that. Having my body and mind hijacked and I'm surprised they haven't suffered the same consequences yet. The final minutes are here and I just have to wait it out. Peace Out!

If you want revenge dig two graves.


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  • They used to suffocate me as I drifted to sleep. Or they would start a dream sequence of their choosing as I drifted off to sleep. It sucks bad being controlled in this fashion, but I dont believe it will last forever. I think we will see an end to it in our time.

    We will see freedom!

  • aw, I have nightmares too.  It's embarrassing.

  • My left ear isn't just ringing now.  There's a sensation like hairs moving and tickling the skin inside.  Last night it started itching so bad I had to get up.  I've tried tilting my head to one side or another (read Big Orange's stuff.  I think there's some truth to the suggestions.  Most of this targeting is psyops, messing with our minds, behavior control) and it did stop.  They want us to be scared, freaked out all the time, sleep deprived.  THAT's how our bodies are broken, how our minds are broken.  I'm going to try the shielding tips that Big Orange suggests.  The worse that could happen is it won't work (or won't work forever). 

    I get the sleep deprivation and pounding heart upon waking, too.  The idea is to keep us from being productive, keep us from being able to think rationally. 

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