No one should ever be allowed to identify as non-binary. All men and women have approximately thirty trillion cells each. Each human cell contains 23 pairs of chromosomes and those chromosomes determine whether someone is either male or female. Inside each cell in a human male there is both an x and a y chromosome while inside each cell in a human female there are two x chromosomes. This is how we determine gender. Just because Satanists who are social engineers force people to call a boy a girl does not mean you should then call a boy a girl. You have abandoned the use of your own mind and you have allowed yourself to be electronically mind controlled by a bunch of Satanists. Stop it now. Return to normality. A boy can never be a girl and a girl can never be a boy. Neuro scientists have super-imposed the mind-set of a boy onto the brain of a girl and they also have super-imposed the mind-set of a girl onto a boy in order to distract everyone while they are attempting to digitally enslave us all. Transhumanism is simply caused by unknown neuro operatives over-riding the brain patterns of men with the brain patterns of women and also over-riding the brain patterns of women with the brain patterns of men.  These men and women who have attempted to change their sex often change their minds later and are then sorry for those actions.
According to a selection of independent archaeologists, evidence has been found to support the theory that human beings have been living on planet earth for more than four thousand, five hundred million years and during all of that time up until the invention of brain weapons in the past number of years there was never any mention of transhumanism. Now, with the aid of brain weapons and their capabilities, unknown criminal neuro operatives have the capability to interfere with all of our brains from vast distances while they themselves remain unknown to their victims We have been sprayed with metals which are now inside our bodies and brains and when various types of directed energy are used to stimulate those metals inside us they create various effects inside our muscles, organs and brains.
Some of the types of directed energy being directed against us either individually in some cases or also against large groups are Hypersonic sound, ultra sound, pulsed laser and pulsed radio frequency.
For further information on this method of modern warfare please go to a youtube channel called 'Modern War Institute' and listen to the following linked lecture on this topic by Professor James Giordano which is called 'Dr. James Giordano: The Brain is the Battlefield of the Future' which is to be found here
I don't wish my fellow men and women on this planet to be incuclated into false belief systems because then they are easier to digitally enslave and if they become digitally enslaved then I become digitally enslaved.   Objective reality exists and we must adhere to it at all costs.  Please share this in order to help to deprogram those who have been programmed by means of brain weapons.

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