Hey Everyone! I hope you are doing alright. 


Share your story in comments below YouTube videos related and unrelated to this thing, just so people learn about what is going on in the world. Keep reaching out to human right charities, your government, police (don't go alone) , to the secret services in your country (it's their job to defend you). 

They are targeting me every day with DE weapons , V2K is non stop, these terrorists keep changing the signals and frequencies thinking it would scare me, playing with my phone so I cant relax when I am watching something... But let me tell you one thing. This just makes me even more angry and even more protective of others because what is going on with me by these useless thug criminals with a mind smaller than a pea, is horrible but I know there are people out there suffering way more than I do. Where does a mother of 2 goes when she is being targeted in her own home?! Should we take this?! I SAY NO!!! FIGHT BACK!!! ALWAYS AND FOREVER PUSH BACK!!!! 

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  • I hear what you are saying HereToHelp. But I have tried human rights charities and organizations, as have most other TIs. The fact of the matter is they are only interested in human rights violations in 3rd World countries. They wouldn't dream of hearing that the CIA's of the World or the MI5's of the World would be engaging in such activities. As soon as they hear such things they dismiss it as see the TI as mentally ill. That or they are too fearful to do anything about it. And Government? Well it is the same government that is paying these perps to do what they do. Someone somewhere is paying the CIA/NSA to do the black projects and operations. Police? Well the perp boots on the ground are Police (at least in my country). And the Secret Service in my country? Well they are the ones orchestrating the TI program. The Secret Service in the US from what I gather just looks after the President. But the Secret Service in the UK is called MI5 and they are the ones running the program there. In Germany, France and the Netherlands and so on it is the secret service that is running the program. In my country (Ireland) we don't have Intel agencies or secret service but we do have units in our Police that play those roles. My point is there is little or nothing that we can do at this time. I wish I had something constructive to add but the fact of the matter is they (the orchestrates of the program) have it all sewn up. IMO our hope is if the system as we know it today collapses (like it did in the USSR). Then we might be in with a chance. When the USSR went bankrupt and their currency lost its purchasing power then and only then the victims of the Stasi and the KGB and so on were freed. IMO that is our only hope as of now. There are other avenues I guess like that guy in the UN that deals with torture but outside of that I don't see a hell of a lot that we can do right now.If America goes bankrupt and the US Dollar loses its purchasing power then we are in with a great chance. And the thing is the Dollar is in big trouble as they doubled the amount of currency in circulation last years alone and it doesn't ;look like things are getting any better for Uncle Sam, the debt America owes the World is 20 or 30 Trillion Dollars. Yeah things are very unhealthy so that is our best hope IMO.
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