Operation Menace To Society


The ones that we are all talking about who are giving us this problem are all using a Spy Satellite to zoom in on us through the walls of our houses, and I mean it doesn't matter if you are ten stories under ground in a concrete bunker, they are still able to zoom in on you there also with an X-Ray Camera and a Microphone.

The thing about it is, they are all Committing a Federal Offense when they do this.

I have figured out that 99.9% of them are doing this without a warrant to start with, and then they are finding all different kinds of ways to give someone legal problems after that as a result of them Illegally.. Investigating them.

That is not what the Constitution was created for, and someone needs to get these goons prosecuted and make them learn a permanent lesson about what this nation does to goons like this that break the law and violate our rights the way that they are all doing, and I mean they are allowing anybody, everybody and there dog to zoom in on us this way and once this nation realizes that fact, it is going to go Ballistic.

Keep trying you guys...We are going to figure out a way to completely stop this Conspiracy of Organized Crime and  get every that is involved Prosecuted and charged with a Menace To Society Charge.

There is not a Statute of Limitations on Abuse of Power so that means that we have all the time that we need to take these menaces to society down legally.

If anyone has any Youtube Videos that show a good example of how they are zooming in on us through the walls of our houses with an Xray Camera and a Microphone.., I would appreciate it if you would post it here or email me a link to the Vidoes at - mathiewburkett@gmail.com

Finding all of the Youtube Videos that we can find that show an example of how they are zooming in on people through the walls of there houses is the best way to start to stop this Conspiracy of Ogranized Crime.

Goodluck You Guys,
Mathiew Burkett

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