People such as Bono from the band U2, Liam Gallagher from the band Oasis, Meryl Streep, Harrison Ford, Princes William and Harry, and hundreds of others are presenting a Satanic hand signal in photographs where their two middle fingers are down and their two outside fingers are up in the shape of horns. Many celebrities are being made very wealthy only to be returned to poverty again a few decades later where they end up owing millions in taxes. Celebrities such as David Beckham and many others are being forced to have their photographs taken while in a bath covered in suds or else in a bath covered in jewellery. It appears to be symbolic of something. Some celebrities speak about their predicament in their rapping songs.
Others such as former American Presidents, George W Bush and Bill Clinton have also been photographed while making the same Satanic hand signal. I strongly believe that they are under wireless control and they are being forced to do so.
Dr Anthone Fauci and Bill Gates and others have been promoting the false covid-19 pandemic which is not caused by a virus but instead it is caused by the covid-19 vaccine itself and the anti-flu vaccine combined with 5G radiation. These people may also be under wireless external remote control and may be being forced to publicise a false narrative to the public. How deep does the rabbit hole go?
How can we rescue the above mentioned celebrities, politicians and vaccine hoaxers from Satanic and Luciferian wireless control and enslavement. I myself know all about wireless remote control because I have been under partial physical and brain remote control for a long number of years. What is the antidote to this type of enslavement?
There is no point in partial wireless slaves asking the police for help because we can not prove to them as yet that we are partially wirelessly enslaved. Their normal approach to us is to mandate us to attend for psychiatric evaluation where we then may lose our freedom, are stigmatized and are forced to ingest psychiatric drugs which have such extreme side effects that it is akin to being tortured from the inside out.
My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland.
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