Here is an update for my email sent
in 2021 . You , UN Secretary-General , UN Security Council , UN Peacekeeping, ICC, and UN's highest court, must take immediate actions to stop them in Ontario, Canada, and must take immediate actions to force Canada to... after seeing it and "befores" sent to you all.

By firewall, they are now intercepting ( emails ) and hacking (emails, VPNs, browsers) everything I am using, which are dangerous to them, such as email regarding "class action ". 15 years ago, all Canadian lawyers refused me by strange excuses.

Through floor vibration lights and something else , they , my neighbors are still wearing invisibility cloaks and hiding in my house. (  invisibility cloaks )

Update (for 2021) :

UN Human Rights
UN Human Rights Council
Amnesty International
International Bar Association
International Criminal Court
International Court of Justice
Canadian Government
UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, Nils Melzer

CC :

Contact :

Temporary email :

Without one special url , in Ontario, Canada I will never find, open and read this from UN.

"Accountability is a legal obligation of States, based on international human rights law. Therefore, neither political will nor State reason can be invoked to breach it," said the Special Rapporteur on the promotion of truth, justice, reparation and guarantees of non-recurrence, Fabián Salvioli."





UN's newest, clear and strong stance ; and Canada's "donation" to UN Human Rights office nearly 7 million dollars after UN Human Rights Office contacted me ; and Canada's ongoing hacking UN, UN Geneva, International Bar Association, International Criminal Court , Amnesty International , and everything I am using ; and their ongoing terror, psychological torture, MK Ultra committed by my all neighbours, 3 Philippine couples, who don't work at all for 20 years after I contacted UN, Amnesty International, International Bar Association. seek international help ; committed by those who are gathering around /in my workplace ; committed by their drones, aircrafts, "special "vehicles which can trace and follow me everywhere and anywhere in Ontario, Canada. Both UN Human Rights Office and UN Human Rights Council have the photos and the videos about their drones , aircrafts and "special " vehicles.

I have provided you all with Canada's hacking IPs years ago.

No matter how UN , UN Human Rights Office , UN Human Rights Council, International Bar Association, International Criminal Court ... speak out and stand up for me , Canada, "my all neighbors", 3 Philippine couples, those who are gathering around /in my work place, those who are operating and driving drones , aircrafts, special vehicles, and... never stop their ongoing terror, "psychological torture", "MK Ultra" for nearly 20 years. By them, by everything possible,

, they attack and remotely control my heart, my heart rates , my hearing ( you have I provided regarding "Jammers ") , my head, and my body, especially in my home and in my workplace.


Here are our emails between UN Human Rights Office and me:



Psychological torture

Forty-third session
24 February - 20 March 2020
Agenda item 3

Mind weapons, MK Ultra, weapons of mass destruction by UN Human Rights Office and UN

UN Human Rights Office :




You all neighbors?

The media, the whistle blower : " more than 200 police officers are living around and surrounding one human rights lawyer."

19 years ago, I began to seek international legal help because all Canadian lawyers refused me by strange excuses. So, you understand why my all neighbours , at least 3 Philippine couples , don't work at all for nearly 20 years. You understand who they are. Plus, various investigators told me who they are and what they are still doing.

1 ( Canada, Rogers' fido changed this address on my phone's notepad )

2 (Canada, Rogers' fido changed this address on my phone's notepad )

That means they are putting their dirty hands on my phones from back stage.

Prime Minister of Canada , Canadian government ... refuse to stop my all neighbours, 3 Philippine couples... because they are committing terror, psychological torture, and MK Ultra when in home and when sleep.





MK Ultra ?

Regarding MK Ultra, you all have much more than I have and much more than I provided. They at once blocked and filtered one media on YouTube which whistleblew MK Ultra. Plus , all Canadian media disclosed them several years ago, which they started around 50 years ago.

Regarding how, why "medical implant ", that is chip , disclosed by UN for us is in my file " Canada , WHO, medical experts ,and International Human Rights deeply know", which you all received recently.

If they don't commit such gross crimes , why are they hacking UN, UN Geneva, International Bar Association, International Criminal Court ,my emails , especially, secure emails, safe browsers, VPNs, all apps , in fact ,everything I am using regardless of anything? If they don't commit such gross crimes, why are they filtering my evidence on YouTube published 15 years ago? In our world, can you find second country like that?

For 18 years,all Canadian lawyers have refused my request and stated: " you have nowhere to go if you want to file complaints against Canadian police and doctor.If you don't believe me, please try it." Now through fire wall, they intercepted our email regarding class action against them.

Now everything is clear. Pleade stop those war criminals and criminals against humanity in Ontario, Canada! Force Canada to hand over them to ICC and UN' highest court. And,

UN :

Zero tolerance to torturers, murders, criminals against humanity, war criminals ...


ICC has for the first time ordered a war criminal to pay reparation to victims of his atrocities.

Fight  for my life being  threatened ; fight against ongoing terror, psychological torture ( which UN and UN Human Rights deeply began to worry about 2 years ago) , MK Ultra ( which was reported by all Canadian media several years ago ) , poison ( how and why "Canada..." repeatedly poison me, UN Human Rights Office has them. One witness shout :don't drink it. ), death threats and attempted murder by every possible means and with all possible Non-Lethal Weapons, especially EMF defined several times by UN as weapons of mass destruction. I am not alone and I need your help.

Although English is my second language,
It is time for "Final Account"

Robin Yan

Canadian victim of torture


Please transfer to International Bar Association, UN Human Rights Office , UN Human Rights Council by fax  and, thanks.



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