These terorrist frame people and use these weopons to get out of police misconduct lawsuits, You guys dont know this,they hire pychotic army  braindead trash as your perps to target you, a normal person would not be able to commit these crimes on you.

They do this all the time but most targets do not know what going on they think its an illness or something else. Im in chicago they probably killed hundreds of people this way.

i am exposing the nasty chicago police I can prove 100% they are the perps because I have these brain damaged idiots for 10 other misconduct counts in a federal lawsuit.

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  • Hi Franko :) When you get the time fill us in on the details.  Sounds like you have an interesting story to tell and I am sure the organized stalking from the corrupt cops is by far, worse in Chicago, of all places egy :)

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