Posthypnotic Amnesia and the V2K virus

Posthypnotic Amnesia and the V2K virus

I meet my stalker he tried to use NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) on me

It had success but not the way he wanted. NSA FED COP MILITARY or just a Grifter



Our memories even the strongest are layered one on top of the other this is why eye

Witness statements are so unreliable, what we learned or seen is stacked and assonated

With everything else we have seen and done even with training it will never be accurate.


That being said I was already on to this so the V2K virus is Posthypnotic Amnesia

I have wondered how the hell they crippled my mind and in Iraq how they crippled

The Iraqi soldiers into quitting, using Posthypnotic suggestions they create blocks that

 That cripple your thinking blocking access and action to your memories. So many Posthypnotic

Suggestions that your can’t remember your past your friends your lovers and like in Blade

Runner you have no emotional back stop.  Personally I have always been discussed by sappy

Emotional displays they are unproductive mostly except for a release and guilt. A battle we all



There are many utube vids to help with this, suggest that u watch them several times a day

A week, It takes time to release years of v2k crippling blocking negative Posthypnotic Amnesia.


Note you can still function by shear will alone you know it is a lie, fight hard and make a

To do list and don’t give up !  :0) J

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