Voice to Skull and other means of direct communication such as microwave hearing and synthetic telepathy where voices are being broadcast directly into peoples heads against their wills and without their permission is being used for obedience training.   Magneto Electric Nano Particles which are known as MENs which are now inside our brains can be stimulated by an external magnetic field which generates an electric field inside the brain and that electric field couples to the electric circuitry of the brain allowing others to stimulate specific regions of the brain.  By this and other means we can be remote neural monitored and remote neural manipulated.  

I am a longterm victim of remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation.  I am in recepit of unwanted direct communication which is being broadcast into my head by unknown criminals and it is being used to attempt to train me to be obedient to voice commands.    I am being told to carry out some act and if I don't do it I am warned that pain will be transmitted into my body if I refuse in future.    I always refuse to carry out the orders that are being transmitted to me by means of any or all of the  aforementioned forms of direct communication.    Now, in order to make it appear that I am complying with the orders which I receive by means of those voice commands the perpetrators remotely order me to do something when they know that I am just about to do it such as the following example:-  I am about to take a shower and I have laid out clean clothes in the shower room and I have put the heating on in the shower room.   They will then shout at me the following "Take a shower now.".   They do this in order to make it appear that I am complying with their orders and not simply acting of my own free will.   I am under uber surveillance where I am remote neural monitored on a continual basis throughout my life.  I am also being remote neural manipulated.  The uber surveillance is being carried out by means of monitoring the neurons in my brain so that everything I see, hear, think and feel is known to the surveillance team who monitor me.   They are monitoring me from a remote location or from a number of remote locations against my will and without my permission in order to understand the working of the human brain and also in order to set up enslavement policies for the rest of the human race as well as for me. 

Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation is a crime and it is being conducted against many Irish people but anytime we attempt to expose it uninformed psychiatrists compromise us by portraying us as being mentally ill.   Because of this we have failed to expose this widespread crime.   There is no point in bringing children into this world any longer because they can be tortured by remote means from birth until death while those who would torture them can remain entirely anonymous.   There are millions of books available on the subject of Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation and related topics.  There are also hundreds of scientific patent numbers to support the existence of remote torture.   There are also many university professors who speak publicly of these capabilities.  However,  governments are deliberately hiding this capability because if the public knew that the judiciary can be externally manipulated by means of directed energy weapons the court system and governments would collapse immediately.   Governments are allowing us to be remotely tortured so that they themselves can remain in business.  How do we solve this problem.  Furthermore, government staff in Ireland where I live were given free smart phones many years ago and the use of those smart phones have damaged their brains because they are no longer able to think clearly.   They are unable to comprehend the extreme danger we are all in from remotely administered torture capabilities which are now in use.  Those smart phones are trojan horse devices.   I very seldom use one but I am required to use one to confirm my identify occasionally.  I keep my smart phone in a faraday case when not in use. 

In order to take back our freedom we need to find ways of getting the nano technology our of our bodies and brains and we also need to take down the infrastructure which is being installed throughout the world for the purposes of enslaveing us.   We must also threaten to shoot down the airplanes which are chemtrailing the skies over our heads with metal particulates in order to put a stop to chemtrailing throughout the entire world.  We must find who is responsible for attempting to digitally enslave us and have them imprisoned.  Who is going to initiate a framework to put a stop to this attempt to digitally enslave us.  It would be very easy to put a stop to it because those who are attempting to digitally enslave us are very few in number. My name is Gretta Fahey and my postal address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560,  Republic of Ireland and my landline home phone number  is 094 9360901.   

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