The main stream media is now mostly privately owned. If an elected government minister urgently needed to get a message to his own electrors he or she can not do so without the permission of super rich main-stream media owners who would deny them permission in almost all cases.

Any of our elected governmental representatives who have woken up to the realization of the extreme and imminent threat of wirelessly enabled technological enslavement we are in may be being held h...ostage by wirelessly enabled directed energy weapons themselves.
Many private individuals are currently being held hostage to directed energy weapons and these private individuals who have come to be known as targeted individuals can not break the wireless connection to their brain and spinal cord because they are locked on by their unique brain signature on a continual basis. We have no reason to believe that our politicians are not equally compromised.
The only solution is to urgently eradicate microwave transmitters also known as phone towers from our countries. Targeted individuals can finally break the wireless connection to their brains and spinal cords then. This equals freedom for the human race.

Satellites are genuinely believed to be a hoax and the science behind them can easily be explained away.

Targeted individuals are unable to approach their local police to inform them of their unique plight. Many have tried this approach and most have ended up in government backed psychiatric institutions wherre they are institutionalised and are also forced to ingest highly toxic substances which have the ability to cause a patient to become so sickened by both tardive dyskenesia and tardive akathisia that they would prefer death.

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