Reconnecting the Past with the Present


     I am going to be writing just out of my thoughts as they arise.  As you well know, some have no privacy of thoughts even in the bathroom.  So I will be writing without concerns about composition and try to understand what I am saying in this post.

      My last post was in the year 2013 or maybe 2014.  In 2013 I file a complaint with the FBI.  I drove to Charlotte NC and filed the complaint in person.  I know most of you are familiar with the name Mike Patrick and a article he posted entitled "End the Torment".  In the article he described what happened to him after he filed a complaint with the FBI.  It was intense, horrific and overwhelming.  Well almost a year after I filed my complaint, I was hit with an onslaught of science and technologies that was well beyond a human being's imagination.  I still won't let myself think about some of the things that were done to me and some of the things I was forced and coerced to do.  The main technique used to accomplish all that evil was sleep deprivation.  This is my introductory blog post of the year 2022.

       In the complaint I named one person primarily and I placed the focus on him.  This is where I will chose to start.  When I have written all that I can think of that needs to be written, I will post a copy of the complaint I filed with the FBI.  The person I named in the complaint knows all there is to know about the techniques and tools used in this onslaught against human beings and animal life.  This onslaught is evil and evil has a face and faces and they rub elbows with you and you don't even know them.

        I going to write about some of the assaults used against me by the person I named in my complaint to the FBI.  Sleep deprivation is an assault on the brain and the body.  It is a method used to disrupt a person's total life and it makes you look lazy and it is one of their ways to make a lie.  I may look lazy due to lack of activity but it is not laziness; it is exhaustion, both mental and physical.  You know how you lay down to try and sleep and you get jerked awake. He jerks my arm and hand from underneath my head after I have fallen asleep.  I usually try to sleep on my side and I put my hand underneath my head.  One new thing he started doing about two years ago was burning the left side of my face and head when I try to sleep on my right side.  It is a way of forcing me to sleep on my left side.  You know, a control thing.  Lately, this is September 12, 2022, he has been intensifying the burning on the side of my head.  I can feel it burning and stinging underneath under the skin in the muscles and into the skull.  I have five bodily function impairments caused by his use of directed energy weapons.  The person I named in my complaint to the FBI, who lives about five miles from where I live, knows everything there is to know about committing these acts that I will describe.  He knows how to inflict pain on and in my teeth, terrible long lasting pain that may go on for days and weeks and then go away.  Anything I try to take care of, well, he wants to destroy it.  He has threatened my teeth.  When he makes a threat to a body part, for instance he will say, "your knees," your muscles", "your teeth" etc. Oh let us not forget the sexual assaults that Mariana Maritato, Romola D. and Connie Marshall are experiencing.  You also know they sexually assault men as well.

         I started these sentences and paragraphs several months ago. Today is Jan 18, 2023, and I intend to write more but the more I try to do the more he tries to sleep deprive me.  I am in a state of exhaustion most of the time and I have been in a state of exhaustion since 2014.  Last week I had to go to the Veterans Hospital and my appointment was on the third floor and without thinking beyond the first floor, I took the stairs.  One of the things he has done from the beginning is to inflict pain in my hips and this is not just pain, it also weakens the muscles around the hips.  I barely made it up the first floor and I had two more floors to go.  I was out of breath and my hips were weak.  I have been so exhausted for so long that I didn't even know how weak I was.  They use weapons of mass disruption as Dr. James Giordano spoke about.  By the way I am a disabled veteran with a 100% permanent rating.  I am going to be 75 years old in just a few months.  

         This evil started almost nineteen years ago and that is when the sleep deprivation really started and now after all this time and especially the last eight years of severe sleep deprivation it has started to affect my cognition. So I am going to try and recall as much as I can and put it into words.  You know sleep deprivation causes brain damage, don't you?  Mass disruption is what he has done to my life.  He has thwarted everything I have tried to do whether it was cutting grass, maintaining muscle health or trying to collect my thoughts so I can post a record of what has been happening to me and how it has destroyed my life.  He assaults my body, my mind and he exhaust me by means of Directed Energy Weapons and he says I am lazy.  This is 1/24/2023.

          This morning I woke up and I turned on to my right side to see if he was going to assault the left side of my face and head and he did.  He forces me to sleep only on my left side. I am a 75 year old disabled veteran.  He assaults my right lower back with some kind of energy weapon that causes the muscles tighten up.  You can feel these energies as they come in contact with the body.  Some are like stings and these stings vary in intensity and duration.  I have felt these stings all over my body.  I have felt them in my testicles.  As a matter of fact he just assaulted my right testicle as I started writing about the stings.  He uses these stings to assault my penis, my buttocks, my hemorrhoid, he using stings around my scrotum and perineum.  He is always looking at my genitalia.  He delivers these sting to the right side of my neck which leaves my neck stiff and painful.  I believe these stings cause inflammation of the connective tissue because the stings do damage to the tissues.  He has used these stings repeatedly to damage the joints of my fingers.  He has used stings to damage my feet, my ankles, my knees, my elbows, and my vertebrae.  I want to remind who ever reads this post that he knows exactly what kind of directed energy weapon is used to cause this type of damage.  He knows about all the S&T weaponry being used by him and others like him.

            Today is Jan 26, 2023 I' am in the Fayetteville VA Medical Center and I am here to pick up some insulin.  About two years ago my blood sugar readings started creeping above the normal range and couldn't be kept under control with only oral medication so my doctor put me on a low dose of a slow acting insulin taken once a day at bedtime.  During the first years of this evil, maybe 2005, 2006, or 2007 he started assaulting my stomach or something in the area of my stomach.  I started hearing secretion noises coming from my stomach area.  This noise was different from a hunger growl when your stomach is empty.  This noise was a secretion noise that was repetitive and evenly timed.  This is similar to having a muscle area pulsed repetitively.  This was one of the first things he did and at this time I had no idea and no clue about what was happening to people.  I have been receiving medical care at the Fayetteville VA Medical Center since 2008.  The constant stress experienced as a victim of directed energy assualts is by itself enough to cause diabetes.  As I have written before I have five bodily function impairments as a result of his assaults to my body.  All of you know that he and they have the technology to see you in your home and see within your body.  There is a great deal to be discussed about their ability to watch and monitor everything you do.

            Jan 28, 2023.  This morning he woke me up and started assaulting my head, my face, especially the area around my nose and mouth.  He also assaulted teeth and mouth.  He can direct the energy to focus solely on the teeth.  I tried to shield my mouth and face with my hands but he then started assaulting my genatailia.  In the year 2008 he started assaulting my penis and he damaged my penis.  Then a few months later he said via voice to skull "your're going to piss sideways" and sometime time later I noticed that my penis was turned to one side.  I never felt him damage my penis.  This is outrageous but you see I have practiced abstinance since 1979 as a matter of faith.  If I had been married it would have been devastating to the relationship because he left me dysfunctional.  I will give further explanations of what he did.  I can't go to a doctor to address the damage because he would only damage my penis again.  I have to keep my hand over my genitals all the time when sitting at home otherwise he will start zapping my penis with shocks.  This is what happened when I tried to cover my face and mouth with both hands this morning. He started attacking my penis so I couldn't try to protect my teeth.  "your teeth", "your teeth", this is what he says.  Anything I try to take care of he wants to damage.  He has threatened to knock my teeth out. Listen to Mariana Maritato's description of what someone was doing to her teeth.  He has been assaulting my teeth for a long time now.  He gets bored with one thing so he has to do a different thing then he repeats what he has done.  He has a sick pit on the inside of him and he can't fill it.

            I am sure you are familar with Dr. Robert Duncan's Executive Summary: Neuropsychological and Electronic No-Touch Torture Report.  In it he talks about "Game Theory".  A thought out process of directing you by what they have learned about you by listening to what you say and by watching what you do.  Well in 2014 he and those who have been committing these crimes with him ran "Game Theory" on me.  I haven't recovered from what they did to my soul, my body and my spirit. I won't even let myself think about some of the things he and those who worked with him put me through.  And still they have found no repentance.  The "Watchers".

February 16, 2023

       I laid down on my air mattress sometime after 3:00 am this morning and in less than an hour I was nudged awake.  It started with sexual stimulation and then he started burning my face.  He does one thing for a while and then he has to go on to another thing.  Lately, burning my face and head is his current pleasure.  Using sleep deprivation, sexual assaults and the burning of the face and head at the same time is using a combination of torture techniques which is forbidden.  I haven't slept in a bed in well over ten years and I haven't sleep undisturbed in nineteen years.  I move my air mattress around to different places on the floor, to different rooms and that worked sometimes in the past but he likes his target practice.  He watches and nobody has spent more time looking at my genitals than he.  You know I know this because he shocks my penis and my testicles and my hemorrhoid when I am moving or sitting.  Shocking me as I moved around the house was the first thing he did when this started back in 2004.  He has also been using a broader field of energy to assault my lower spine which causes the muscles to tighten up and it is painful.  Inflicting severe pain and mental anguish is what he is doing.  Sometime during the first few years he was forcing me to sleep on my back.  If I tried to sleep on my side whether it was my left or right, he would shock my one slightly external hemmoroid.  I am not skin and bones.  So how and what technology is he using to look at my anus and who provided him these weapons and devices to do these evil things.  This is the man I filed a complaint about with the FBI in 2013.  He knows everything about this evil.  And he has a crew and the individuals who have work with him or know him and what he does are not without guilt.  Silence is complicity.

February 28, 2023

             Two bad nights in a row.  Assaults all over body from head to foot.  He knows what I plan to do so he hinders me with sleep deprivation, sleep disturbances and directed energy aasaults.  He was only burning the left side of my face and head but now he has started assaulting any part of the face and head he feels like.  From manipulation to I know what you intend to write next.  His ability to see me in my home no matter what I do is where he gets his ques for assaulting.  Back in 2008 when he started delivering electric shocks to my penis I had to, at least while I was in my home, keep one hand cupped over my penis and testicles to give me the feeling like I was trying to protect myself.  It is 2023 and he still shocks my penis and testicles and anus when I relax my guard.  The first time he assaulted my face was in 2007.  He said I am going to age you overnight and after several nights of burning my face I noticed that the skin on my face was starting to wrinkle.  He has directed energy weapons at his disposal to use in whatever manner his mind and heart chooses to do and no one is keeping tabs on his psychopathy.  In Dr. Robert Duncan's "The Executive Summary: Neuropsychological and Electronic No-Touch Torture Report" he lays out a comparison of torture techniques.  From sexual dreams to sexual assaults to the infliction of pain to threats to hurt family members, friends and pet.  Pets should also be included.  He killed one of my pets and now he is threating to harm or kill the pet I have now.


             March 4, 2023

              Brain fog that is what Connie Marshall of has spoken about on one of her web pages.  Everyone above him knows what he has been doing for the past nineteen years and everyone who has work under him or by his side knows what he has been doing.  That is just a fact.  Testimony under oath is what is necessary. 


May 6, 2023

Copy of a Post, First Posted April 3, 2012


This is the Only venue of Self Defense I have left.  It is composed of questions I have asked and answers I have received.


            I was talking to a private detective.  He was not employed by me at this time.  I was discussing some things that had been happening, things like someone entering my home when I wasn't there, things like having my home searched, financial documents out of place, things like having electronic equipment and appliances damaged and things like tampering with food and medications and other things like someone entering my motor vehicles and damaging them as well.  I described a man I had seen on several occasions.  As I have said in previous documents, he has an unusual physical description.  The private detective said he thought he recognized the description and he said this man worked for the Sanford Police Department.  He mentioned the names David Eads and David Edes.

            Sometime later I decided to go to the S. P. D. to talk to him.  I went there and asked if the had a David Eads working with the police department.  They said no.  I described the man I was looking for and I was told there was a Jim Eads that used to work for the S. P. D. and that he had retired and went to work for the Lee County Sheriff's Department.  I was also told that there was a man by the name of David Edes who worked on police cars.  I went prepared to talk to this guy and he wasn't there.  I sat on this imformation for quite some time.

              I went back to the S. P. D.  It was weeks after my last visit.  I went there to file a complaint.  I spoke with the front desk officer and I told him someone was entering my home when I wasn't there and that this had been happening over several years, on 100's of occasions.  I said I thought it was someone from the police department.  He asked me if there was any evidence of breaking and entering; was there any evidence of damage.  I told him no.  He said, if there wasn't any evidence of damage then it is not breaking and entering.  For him to be able to accept a complaint and send someone to dust for prints, I would have to have more evidence.  He called his shift sargent and a few minutes later he came out.  You could see by the way he moved that he was upset.  He, let's go outside.  He was a big guy, three strips, shaved head and he looked hard as nails.  I reiterated my suspicions and he said and you think it is one of us.  You can't fake that kind of response and I believed him because of it.  Then I asked him if I was under investigation.  He went back in and came out a couple of minutes later and said I was not in there system.  He also said that the county could run investigations in the city.  I thought about all that was said and I waited to see what I was going to do next.

             I decided to go to the District Attorney's Office to file a complaint.  There was a woman working in the front office; I recognized her as someone who was in high school at the same timeI was.  When she asked me how she could help me, I said I wanted to file a complaint against someone in law enforcement.  She said I could not file a complaint there.  She also asked me who I wanted to file a complaint against.  I described a man who was about 5' 4" , stocky build, huge forearms and a short hair cut.  She said right away that's Jim Eads and he works for the Lee County Sheriff's Department.  If I wanted to file a complaint against him I would have to go to his supervising officer, she said.

               Later in time I went to a prominent law firm for a consultation about a matter unrelated to these things.  I brought up a name that he did not recognize but he did know a man named Jack Edes who worked for the Lee County Sheriff's Department.  I have also spoken with a detective named David McLeod who asked me a revealing question.

                So all of my questions lead me to his name, Jim Eads, and where he works and to others who may have knowledge of these activiities.  This is my only venue of self-defense. It is the only way I have of protecting myself from the continuing assaults which have already caused me great bodily harm.  This is my only venue of protecting myself from being murdered, my only means of trying to preserve what is left of my life.


Michael Benoit



September 13, 2023


     What can I say?  He threatens my pet. 








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