Recording Brain Frequencies for Torture with Electronic and Acoustic Weapons. by Skizit Gesture.
We have unique patterns of electromagnetic frequencies in our brains and bodies. These are called resonance frequencies.
Your unique resonance frequency can be used to calibrate a super-computer and then used to radiate you with harmful frequencies that can damage your DNA and destroy your cells.
A person who has your frequencies can control and punish you as if you are their slave. Movements, sensations, emotions, desires, ideas and a variety of psychological phenomena may be induced, inhibited or modified by electrical stimulation of specific areas of the brain.
An EEG (electroencephalogram) is a test that measures and records the electrical activity of your brain.
Evoked Potentials show what the brain does after it has been stimulated by sight, sound, pain, pleasure, movement, heat and cold. You can tell what a person is feeling, seeing and hearing by translating the evoked potentials that their brain generates.
Scientific Patents show that a person's brain frequencies can be used to place sounds or voices inside their heads in such a way that they are the only one who hears that sound or voice. This is a harassment tool being used on targeted individuals throughout the world now. The frequencies stimulate the auditory cortex in the brain and not the ears. Everyone has their unique brain code so frequencies must be calculate and calibrated for each individual.
Controlling another person's mind is very much like slavery, so acquiring someone's brain specific code for the purpose of harming them must be done in secret.
The perpetrators have been able to rely on disbelief and a lack of public education to keep this technology. Once they have your brain frequencies they can calibrate their EEG supercomputer and begin enslaving you with radio, microwave and acoustic frequencies (ultrasound or infrasound) directly into your brain.
They can use your body's frequencies to stop your bodily functions. Your whole nervous system can be made to vibrate. Your throat can mouth can be made to make sounds by itself which is called involuntary vocalization. This fact is proveable in a court of law.
The basic weapon used by gangstalkers to electronically harass targeted individuals are their cell phones. They have cell phones that have directed energy weapons built in it. It uses 3 different energy radiations: RF/microwaves, scalar waves, and focused vibrations. These energy radiations can be used to see your body through the wall. Each type can penetrate different materials. That is why you will need to shield against all 3.
Use metal, magnets, and piezo electric materials (silica sand, silica gel, etc) for shielding. They can see any gaps in your shielding so you must make sure that your shielding has no gaps that allow a direct line of sight to any part of your body. These directed energy weapons work with nanobots in the body. We all have them already. They have been dumping nanobots in the sky and it's currently being called Chemtrails. You will need to use zappers to kill most of these nanobots.
These directed energy weapons can cause the following: headache, lumps on the head, vertigo, sleepiness, sneezing, tooth aches, coughing, create mucus in your nostril and/or throat, neck pain, shoulder pain, heart palpitations, heart attack, abdominal pain, hernia, liver pain, testicular pain, knee pain, pain or itchiness anywhere in the body, farting, diarrhea, numbness of limbs, make you feel hot, cold or tired, CANCER, etc.
Dod personnel and government contractors are made to participate in this illegal program. They are made to believe that these are non-lethal weapons and that their targets are criminals. Targeted individuals are being tracked and their locations are visible to the perps. People that participate earn points for harassing targets and can then be exchanged for prizes like new vehicles or paid vacations. Some perps are targeted, manipulated, blackmailed, or tortured into it.
The government can kick your neighbor out of their house to use it as their base of operation. Watch for neighbors that instantly gets replaced or sells their house and gets bought immediately. They place perps in that home to give them proximity and a wider range of angle to attack you from. They can also attack you by parking close by or parking their vehicle and leaving equipment in it that they will remotely control. If you are traveling by vehicle and are out of range from ground equipment, they will switch to aircraft or satellite. Flying in an airplane will make them lose track of you, just don't carry anything that will help them locate you all over again (like your cell phone).
Perps will be provided lock picking tools that will easily open normal locks. They will break and enter your home and try not to leave evidence. They will, however, move stuff around on purpose or leave the lock unlocked just to get you paranoid. They also like to lace your food, drinks, shampoo, towel, etc with nanobots. Try to get a much more complicated lock like Mindy locks. Have some way to show proof that someone broke in your home, otherwise they will keep breaking in. They can see people through the wall so they can also tell if someone is home or not.
The new Pro-Active Intelligence Led Policing which means information gathered from surveillance devices in your home and vehicle, from your emails, bank accounts, phone calls and online activity allows FUSION CENTRES to direct global law enforcement goals, which means no expenses for trials, just harass and kill whoever you want, including the REGULATION OF NON-CRIMINAL CONDUCT, which means punishment with electromagnetic and acoustic weapons and the Provisions of Services, neighbourhood watch gang-stalkers called COHORTS or WATCHERS.
Many targeted individuals are handicapped or on disability allowance. The corporatocracy is deciding who the desireables are, literally who lives and who dies. This has happened before.
In normal hearing, vibrating sound waves in the ear are turned into nerve impulses that travel along a network of nerve cells to the brain where they are perceived as sound and turned into understandable speech. In Voice to Skull, a voice is carried on a frequency which is sent to the auditory cortex in the brain, bypassing the ears, as if the brain were a radio receiver. Brain frequencies can be received and transmitted just like a cell phone picks up signals from a cell tower. The frequencies can be relayed to a satellite so once you are connected a person with a satellite computer can program the frequencies with auditory and visual information sent to your brain with special software and the internet, using ordinary radio and television carrier frequencies.
Microwave Radio Communication designs, markets and sells wireless solutions to military markets. This kind of equipment can be used to program the torture system which connects you to satellite surveillance. You can be remotely tortured and mind controlled from a distance.

Entire populations can be enslaved with this technology. Your thoughts can be read and messages can be put into your mind so that your thoughts and actions are not your own. You become a slave.
One form of harassment is bypassing the eyes and sending pictures directly to the brain or recording visual information from your brain (whatever you imagine with your minds eye.)
Some implants are being used to induce constant pain or to monitor and track the target.
Criminal neuro operatives can get your specific frequencies, change them and then send them directly back to your brain with a message carried on the frequency. In this way, they can alter your brain, your abilities, your feelings and your personality one hertz at a time.
An emotion signature cluster is identified and then placed on a silent sound carrier frequency in order to trigger the same basic emotion in another human being. The victim can not hear the subliminal message and is unaware why they are feeling anger, fear or anxiety or other emotions. This is mind control.
Patent number US 3951134a Robert G. Malech,
Aparatus and method for Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brain Waves. Brain waves of a subject are sensed from a remote position. Two different frequencies are simultaneously transmitted to the brain where they interfere with one another to yield a waveform which is modulated by the subject's own brain waves and returned to a receiver. The waveform can produce a compensating signal which is transmitted back to the brain to effect a desired change in electrical activity therein. The technology of remote control of brain function are being carried out through telecommunication technology in most countries. Telecommunication technology has a dual purpose. It is being used to remote control human brains and to no-touch torture many human beings as well as to do its legal official duty.
You will find most if not all of the above information at the following online youtube link
I transcribed some but not all of the aforementioned video so that the public will be able to understand more readily what is happening to targeted individuals throughout Ireland and the world. Targeted Individuals are wrongly either being accused of being mentally ill or else they are wrongly being accused of having supernatural experiences. Please enact laws in the Republic of Ireland against these no-touch torture activities at your earliest convenience. Please send me a digital signal jammer also at your earliers convenience.

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