Reject any and all covid-19 vaccinations.....

Stay far away from any and all covid vaccines. Some if not all covid vaccines contains neuro toxins which can torture you from the inside out. A friend of mine told me that her mother got a covid vaccination because an older sister wrongly advised her to get it. Now as a direct result of the covid vaccination she has developed tardive akathisia which has made her so restless that she paces constantly and can no longer sit still or relax. Back in 2003 I was given an anti-psychotic formula in a hospital called St. Teresa's Unit in Castlebar, Co. Mayo. The anti-psychotic drug which I was given was called Haldol which is also known as Haloperidol and it gave me tardive akathisia. The tardive akathisia caused me to pace up and down the hospital corridor each and every day all day long and I could not sit on my bed and relax for longer than ten minutes at a time. It was a form of torture from the inside out. The psychiatrist did not take me off the Haldol for several weeks. I was in an extreme state of distress because of it. What psychiatrists do is instead of taking a patient off a medication which has generated in them extreme side effects they give them another medication to help alleviate the side affects of the first medication while mandating that the patient continues to take the first medication at the same time. This ensures that the patient is then receiving two poisonous concoctions instead on one.
Please stay far away from any and all covid-19 jabs because the neuro toxins in them could torture you from the inside out and you would have no escape.
Take heed to what I advise. My name is Gretta Fahey from Claremorris, Ireland.

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