Remote Neural Monitoring.

There is something coming on stream in Ireland and throughout the wider world that nobody is being allowed to speak or write about.
It is called Remote Neural Monitoring.
Many individuals throughout Ireland are currently being subjected to Remote Neural Monitoring which means they are effectively being wirelessly hooked up to some type of a network of computers, where wireless signals are being sent to and received from their brains, day and night, for years on end.
If th...ese individuals attempt to get the word out they are immediately deemed to be mentally unwell and they are then being placed under the control of unaware psychiatrists, who falsely attribute their unusual experiences to mental illness.

The deep state control matrix wish to slowly and gradually imbue our consciousness with the reality of the existence of Remote Neural Monitoring and its capability to technologically enslave us. They do not wish to have the existence of Remote Neural Monitoring rapidly disseminated at this stage because by doing so we, the whole human race would instantly have it stopped in its tracks by simply disassembling and destroying all microwave transimtters and 5G millimeter wave transmitters immediately. The existence of satellites is one of the many elaborate hoaxes that the deep state control matrix created in order to misinform and manipulate us into a mind state where they could attempt to technologically enslave us.

Some individuals within the deep state control matrix are attempting to persuade us through the online media that main land Europe is in harmony with the roll out of Remote Neural Monitoring for all, expect themselves. Most of Europe at not in the know. The human beings who are being subjected to Remote Neural Monitoring are complaining that it is a mode of psychological torture and they are violently opposed to it. There are obscene levels of voice traffic travelling through the wireless signals to and from the brain of the non-consensual human subject of Remote Neural Monitoring. If 5G millimeter wave signals become main stream those millimeter waves will have the capability to carry pain signals to the human beings concerned which essentially means total human enslavement by wireless means.

How can the subject of Remote Neural Monitoring be introduced for discussion among main stream people of Ireland. ?

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