The following information was found at this online video link and the report was generated by Infowars.
Thousands of US government empolyees are submitting to the United Nations agenda and committing treason. On the Mexico side, Mexican immigration officers lead crowds of people to crossing points at the border.
On the American side, government workers wait for the cover of darkness and in the middle of the night, federal employees begin processing the large crowd with mobile devices. Middle schools are used as processing centres. Busses are backed in past the media as border patrol use government vehicles to try blocking the cameras from filming the migrants being loaded on board and being brought into the country.
The migrants are given mobile phones as a digital form of I.D., bus tickets, debit cards and court dates set four years from now. There are no checks or balances in this new defacto imigration system and it is turning thousands of government workers into traitors to their own country.
In my own opinion, those immigrants into America could be used in the illegal work of Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation of the American people. Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation is ongoing behind the scenes in the United States and throughout the world. It is being carried out by people who possibly have been Remote Neural Monitored themselves and then found to have committed an illegal act in the past, thereby compromising them so that they are then blackmailed into Remote Neural Monitoring others.
Remote Neural Monitoring is technology which was patented in the 1970 and is classified. It is now being used on people illegally. Remote Neural Monitoring has the capability to read out the brain functions of an individual remotely. Remote Neural Manipulation has the capability to remotely influence an individual by manipulating their brain functions and their bodily functions remotely. Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation has a two way communication capability which can both send and receive data too and from the brain and body of an individual. Remote Neural Manipulation can be used to manipulate the thoughts of senior politicians, journalists, university graduates, the police and military and others who we would normally depend upon to solve problems for us. We can no longer rely on those people to solve this problem because many of them have been remote neural manipulated to align with the agenda of the aforementioned United Nations, whose members are self-appointed and who may themselves by externally remote neural manipulated by unknown others.
It has been proven and it has been registered as proven by Dr Pablo Campra of the University of Madrid in Spain that the vials of what are known as covid-19 vaccines which he himself tested under laboratory conditions contained graphene oxide nano particles, so therefore it stands to reason that many of us have graphene oxide in our blood stream. Digital signals can be transmitted to the graphene oxide in our blood stream which stimulate those graphene oxide nano particles inside us. By this means we can be made to believe someone is touching us or sexually molesting us while we are alone. This situation is in widespread use but it is being covered up by members of the police and psychiatry who falsely insist that those who complain about being remotely sexually molested or of being remotely tortured are mentally disordered.
For a copy of the legal scientific document which Dr Pablo Campra created and signed please see the following website
It is my opinion that the Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation industry is being controlled by a worldwide organised criminal gang who are in turn controlled by dark occultists and some of the more powerful members of that organised criminal gang are being forced to take part in ritual human sacrifices. I also believe that we must put a stop to this situation urgently before we are all controlled by dark occultism and then forced to take part in ritual human sacrifices ourselves. I also believe that the re-enactment of a brutal human sacrifice being performed on alters during christian masses is a version of Satanism and is a mental preparation for full blown Satanism in the future. I believe that Christian churches are centres of mind control programming. We must radically change how we live our lives.
My name is Gretta Fahey and my postal address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland and I am placing my name and address on this online post because I am a victim of Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation for more than twenty years and my claim of being victimized in this way was not validated by agents of the state when I reported this crime against me.

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