From an old woman's point of view, human sexuality is dirty, messy, disgusting, debasing and humiliating. The man retains his dignity to a large degree while carrying out the sexual act but the woman while in the missionary position must adopt a humiliating pose which she would not normally adopt. She would possibly feel debased and humiliated afterwards even with her own husband. Furthermore, many men deliberately make women feel ashamed of their sexual behaviour to the extent that many women feel it is not worth being sexually active at all whatsoever because of the guilt that is induced in them by those who wish to maintain a hierarchical based mind-set in the world where men are deemed to be superior to women.
I am a woman in my sixties and I am being subjected to Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation for nearly twenty years. I am being subjected to direct brain to brain communication by unknown others, some of who appear to be over-sexed teenagers who speak in a depraved manner about human sexuality and who transmit pornographic images into my mind by means of brain to brain interface. I live in County Mayo in the Republic of Ireland and I have an aquaintance who lives in Dublin, Ireland who informed me that depraved sexual images are being transmitted into her brain by means of brain to brain interface every day all day long and this has been going on for the past two years.
It is easier for an old lady such as myself to write objectively about sexual behaviour than it is for a young woman because a young woman is still influenced by her hormones and by romantic feelings for her partner. An old lady has no sexual hormones in her brain and by that means can examine the subject of human sexuality objectively without interference from sexual hormones running through her brain.
Throughout my entire life, satanists who are among the super-rich in this world have used the main stream media, Hollywood movies and other means to promote activities which weaken us so that they could eventually enslave us under their rule. They have promoted drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, taking both illegal and prescription drugs, over-eating processed food, sexual promiscuity, wearing handicapping clothes and shoes, over-spending money in order to get up into financial debt and any other practice that would weaken their fellow men and women. Satanists normally don't allow themselves to be weakened by such practices. They simply promote them in those they wish to enslave.
Nano electrodes and nano sensors and other nano technology has been introduced into our brains and bodies by inhalation, ingestion and injection and sometimes by other means. Some of that nano technology travels to the smallest capillaries in our brains and become embedded close to our neurons. Remote Neural Monitoring operatives use directed energy to send signals to the electrodes which are embedded close to the neurons in our brains in ways which stimulate those neurons in order to in turn partially control the beliefs, emotions and behaviour of the individuals who they are targeting.
The remote neural monitoring operatives have conducted experiments on unwilling victims over many decades to the extent that they can now partially control movement, sound, vision, sensations, emotions, beliefs and many other aspects of human beings simply by stimulating various sections of their brains by wireless means over vast distances while they themselves remain unidentified by the victims. The Remote Neural Monitoring operatives can also transmit pain and electric shock to their victims.
Neuro scientists and remote neural monitoring operatives can stimulate the brains of large groups of people at the same time due to the use of pre-programmed algorithms. They wirelessly connect millions of men and women to their computer control system and then they sometimes send them all the same signal to the same part of the brain of the recepients at the same time, thereby turning that large group into a hive mind. This has been recognised by the fact that those who live in some suburban communities can be manipulated to all mow their gardens at the exact same time on the same day. Another example of hive mind behaviour was when all members of governments hysterically convinced their constituents to accept an untested vaccine for the purposes of treating a virus which was never identified or isolated.
Remote Neural Monitoring operatives can now amplify all self-destructive habits of their victms and they can also amplify all false beliefs in their victims leading to religious fanaticism throughout the world at this time in history.
While we are being Remote Neural Monitored those who monitor us know what we are doing at all times because the nano technology inside our brains and bodies transmit data to the screens of the Remote Neural Monitoring operatives showing them exactly what sexual positions we have adopted. Afterwards, those Remote Neural Monitoring operatives may use that information against both the men and the women whose images they are observing on their screens. Because of this situation and for numeruous other reasons, many female victims of Remote Neural Monitoring have decided to become celibate for the rest of their lives, which is the only sensible option available to them now.
You may ask what will be come of the human race if no one is having sexual intercourse. Won't it die out. I believe it will die out but I also believe that is an excellent outcome for the following reasons. Because most if not all of us can be wirelessly tortured by invisible and silent wireless weapons there is no further point in bringing children into the world. It would be a cruel and heartless act to do so. We must stop procreating because of such extreme advances in technology that life is no longer liveable because of the dangers they pose.

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