Robert Duncan's video with ventura

I'm posting this video, but my opinion is that Duncan guy is so full of it and real MC victims, that is victims of psychiatry, should not get more paranoid then they already are. Duncan barely keeps his face straight and almost cracks up laughing... on the other hand this ventura guy is a psychiatrist par excellence, look at him keeping his face straight, i bet that he and duncan after the cameras turned of cracked... although in every bullshit there's a grain of truth.

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    That santilli guy who hosts the show is one of the biggest A-holes I have ever see. Hearing clicks (cricket sound like a morse code) periodically on your left side, maybe sirens, voices? You have been put on the black list by psychiatrists, not cia, nsa... or any of those nonsence... don't listen any of these videos. Go visit my web and find my other posts.

  • David, feel free to post his videos on this blog.

  • you do know these show are highly edited and the finale edit that is broadcast is not done by Jesse Ventura i think the actually interview between Jesse Ventura and Dr Robert Duncan was about 3hrs ....but in the show you see something like 3-4 mins

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