Satanists are all sworn to secrecy because they commit mass crime together as a group.
Names of various satanist groups are as follows:-
The Ninth Circle, Hell Fire club, The Order, The Doctrine, Abraxas, Krypten, Sons of Sam, The Finders, O9A, Astral Bonw Knawers, Sabbatean Frankists, Order Des Martinistes, The Cvlt, etc. etc.
They sacrifice the lives of children which the European Mafia obtain for them from the following sources:-
residential school children, immigrant children who dont have proper documentation, children from youth detention children, children from war torn countries such as Guatamala, children who dont have stable families, children from compromised social workers, aboriginal children in North America are easy to take for legal reasons because they are legal wards of the state,
The Saturnalia Ninth Circle Satanic Cult have been operating in the Vatican for at least two hundred years. The Ninth Circle Satanic Cult was set up by the Jesuits who are the military wing of the Vatican. They set up the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult as a means of controlling Popes and some cardinals. There are records of it in the Vatican library in latin. Cermonies and ritual torture and killing of children sometimes take place within the Vatican state, possibly at the San Lorenzio Jesuit Church at the sub basement crypt area. The members of the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult carry out their ritual killing and cannibalism of children on the winter solstice and on Roman feast days and on many other occasions. All Popes are expected to be part of such ritual killings so as to be controllable by the Jesuits and by those other individuals who control and run the Vatican. Many European Royal Family members are also expected to be part of such ritual killings.
There are many whistleblowers to Satanic child sacrifice and cannibalism rituals and the common law courts of Justice throughout the world are compiling evidence against them. You will find the testimony of one Dutch woman who was raised by the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult on a website called Murderbydecree(dot)com. Her husband was a Ninth Circle Cult Member. They entrap politicians by bringing them to what the politicians think is a regular dinner. Suddenly the politician finds himself in front of an altar where is child is being brutually sacrificed and the politician is being video recorded as being there. The politician is then controlled by that means. The mob and the C.I.A. blackmail people by this means on a frequent basis.
Further to that, the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult conduct human hunting parties. They obtain children and teenagers from youth detention centres and they let them loose in forests which have been cordoned off by some members of the Belgian army. The Satanists then hunt the children and teenagers down and kill them like animals. Psychopaths among them are unable to feel remorse. Satanists actively promote anything which involves human death such as euthenasia, abortion, assisted suicide and wars. They believe people are a threat to planet earth so they also promote depopulation. Satanists actively pursue and are working towards a one world government with themselves , Luciferians and Ultra Zionists in charge.
During the act of Satanic Ritual Abuse the children are tortured in order to traumatise them severely which makes their bodies secrete a substance known as adrenachrome into their flesh and blood. They are then murdered and their blood is drank and their flesh is eaten raw by the Satanists because the adrenachrome in their flesh and blood is a strong drug which is much sought after by the Satanists. The Satanists dress up as animals and frightening entities in order to deceive their victims. If those of their victims who are not sacrifised during the ritual ever relate their experiences to the police, the police are less likely to believe them if they report that they saw what looked like animals walking around during the ritual. Dark robes and hoods are standard costume during Satanic rituals.
Many Satanists are very wealthy and have senior positions in politics and the law. Their wealth and senior positions in society help to protect them from law enforcement. Most police are aware that they are sometimes serving criminals in high office so as a group the police are not able to be very effective in thwarting the activities of the Satanists. However, as individuals they are very helpful to the common law courts of the world who are compiling evidence against Satanists throughout the world. Satanists inside police forces promote and fast track other Satanists up the career ladder so that they quickly gain enormous power over their fellow good will and good living police officers. Many police officers wish to investigate incidences of Satanic Ritual Abuse but they get over ruled by more senior officers. Both individual satanists and groups of satanists hide behind works of charity in order to disguise their true nature.
If you have any information about Satanic Ritual Abuse please email it to
Itccs is short for The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State.
Another place to submit such information is to the contact address at
I obtained most of the above information from Dr Kevin Annett of the International Court of Common Law in Vancouver, Canada and also Wilfred Wong being interviewed by Shaun Attwood at the following online link
Still further to the above information I found the information presented herebelow at the following online link as follows:-
The 9th Circle: Child Sex/Sacrifice Cult Initiation
“The Ninth Circle Satanic Cult, a child sacrifice group composed of global elites, appears to be routinely raping, torturing and murdering children” it was announced yesterday by the ITCCS. Recent court filings against the international child kidnapping ring go to court April 7.

Named as chief defendants for the Brussels Common Law Court trial were Pope Francis, Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Pachon and Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. Among possible Ninth Circle Satanic Cult members named by witnesses who would testify at the trial were former popes Joseph Ratzinger and John Paul II, UK High Court Justice Judge Fulford and members of the British Royal Family.
“Queen Elizabeth had direct involvement in the kidnapping and death of aboriginal children and Royal Family members appeared to regularly participate in Ninth Circle Satanic Cult rituals at the Mohawk Indian School in Brantford Ontario Canada” yesterday’s announcement proclaimed.
According to two affidavits filed in court, not only did different witnesses see Ninth Circle Satanic Cult members commit murder, but claimed the brutal killings of innocent children continued today, some in sub-basement vaults.
The international court was set to consider:
· Testimonies of two former Mohawk School inmates who both say they were present at the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult murder of a 5-6 year-old girl at the Mohawk Indian School in Branton Ontario Canada.
· A copy of the ‘Magisterial Privilege’ that was filed within sealed archives of the Vatican library. The Ninth Circle Satanic Cult operated according to this canon law statute dated Dec. 25 1967. It was said to document that before each new pope assumed office it was mandatory that they participated in Ninth Circle Satanic Cult rites. The document referred to ceremonial murder of newborn children and consumption of their blood.
· Testimonies of two witnesses who claimed they saw former Pope Joseph Ratzinger, Dutch Cardinal Alfrink and Prince Bernhard take part in a Ninth Circle Satanic Cult murders in Holland and France, one of a little girl in the fall of 1987.
· One of those witnesses was Dutch therapist Toos Nijenhuis who in this video interview with Kevin Annett, discussed seeing Ninth Circle Satanic Cult murders as late as 2010. At least one of those murders involved former Pope Ratzinger.
· Testimony of Anglican church researcher Leona Moses, whose 2011 interview with Kevin Annett and Mohawk elder Cheryl Squire could be seen in this video.
· Testimony of a former Argentine civil servant during the 1970s Dirty War who took extensive notes of meetings between the now-Pope Francis and Junta military officials. Pope Francis’ fast ascension to head the Argentine Catholic Church was a suspected result of his agreement to traffick missing political prisoner children from Catholic orphanages.
· Testimony of a police-accredited investigator.
· The “G12” collection of documents of the Anglican Huron Diocese from the Church of England secret archives in London, Ontario Canada.
· A January 2012 memo from Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby to Anglican Primate Fred Hiltz in Toronto ordering destruction of forensic human remains and evidence of murdered children in the Mohawk Indian School archives.
“In October, 2011, excavations commenced by Mohawk elders on the grounds of the (Mohawk) school revealed…bones that had been cut up in sections. Two of these bone fragments were positively identified as being those of a small child by Ontario forensic examiner Greg Olson and archaeologist Kris Nahrgang, as well as by senior forensic pathologist Dr. Donald Ortner of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. Ortner died of undisclosed causes shortly afterwards.”
Mass genocide of Mohawk Confederacy children began in 1832 at the former Church of England-Jesuit run Mohawk Indian Residential School in Brantford Ontario Canada. Since the 2008 discovery of a child mass grave site at the Mohawk School, there have been 31 other mass child grave sites identified at native residential schools across Canada, in Holland and the United States. The schools were mainly run by Catholic Jesuit priests.
On Feb. 28 2013 this same international court found Head of the Anglican Church of England Queen Elizabeth and former Pope Joseph Ratzinger guilty of Crimes Against Children – the same day Ratzinger became the first pope in history to resign from his office.

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