Scariest Nightmare

It is the the first time i share this story that happened to me before they attacked me and they made me remember it yesterday because unfortunately I almost forgot that is happened




Before they attacked me, as I remember started at intermediate school time they kept sending this scary and terrifying dream and kept repeated with some difference as I will tell. The nightmare was there is some people who is trying to attack the department I live in and I am so scared so scared from them and when they are trying to enter through the door I am pushing it to prevent them trying and trying and I am unable to prevent them from entering. As noted, in that nightmare I am alone I can’t ask for help nobody is around me all that I am alone in front of them and it is unusual for dreams or what I usually dream of I see people or persons I know and contact with them or you are who makes connections and expand your dream. But at that one it was like I am blocked in evil and horror. And once I wake up I feel different kind and extreme of fear what the hell is that who are those ones and how I dreamt of that and why is that someone who is trying to hurt me or kind of evil are coming from someone or hate or negative energy or someone who is hating me and wish me dead all I can understand there is evil is coming for me and for sure I did prayers and prayed and asked god why is that happening.


And it wasn’t stopped it came again but they were coming from another side of the building through the stairs as they were chasing me while I am running next to other departments and some of them is locked or i can’t enter them but at the end I back to my department and the end is the same and waking up with the maximum fear. If it was my dream the next time I woke up it must be less scary as I lived it before and I can ensure that it it kept repeated through periods of times with no answer I can find at that time.


And it wasn’t the only scary dream or repeated dream I got there is so many of them.

Yes they were getting closer to you and you didn’t know about them. They are the kind that gets what they want and buy everything with money.


All I can ask you to at each moment they are living in your life send them hate feelings they are evil creators and the evil itself. They are using us as absorbing substance it is all chemicals inputs and outputs.


Now I can see all simulation ideas and virtual reality topics are true. They are entertaining us with the future light and unbelievable technologies that will make the human kind in magical worlds. But the reality only you who will speak about it. Absorbing our energy the life energy of us so they build their future and magical homes.


Who are giving the order to create that fancy movies?

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