See what they are doing! Please send To : UN Secretary-General and UN Peacekeeping

They, Rogers, Fido are stopping me from uploading any files by hiding and filtering my targeted files .

Please send this at once to UN Secretary-General, UN Peacekeeping , UN Security Council, UN Human Rights Chief, UN Human Rights Council, ICC , UN's Highest Court , thanks.

"Canada a beacon for others but must keep it promises..." new UN Human Rights Chief said so in Canada.

UN, UN Human Rights Office, UN Human Rights Council countless times defined these as weapons of mass destruction.

Firstly, with "Jammers" prohibited by Canadian government, Canada...are controlling and interfering madly with my hearing in my workplace and in my home. My hearing works like a switch. This is terror? This is psychological torture? This is MK Ultra reported and disclosed by all Canadian media several ago, which they started almost 50 years ago.

Jammers for hearing control



Jammers for hearing control (uploaded before )


Besides Jammers, they have been using Sonic Weapons to damage my hearing , including my all neighbors, 3 Philippine
couples... who don't work at all for 5-20 years. (Sonic weapons , they hack the Sonic weapons in "their " hands used by police during G20 in Toronto, Canada .)

Besides Jammers, Sonic Weapons, all possible Non Lethal Weapons being used for 20 years on me are here:

UN, UN Human Rights Office, UN Human Rights Council countless times defined these as weapons of mass destruction.

You must take immediate actions according to UN and ICC after showing you all this website regarding torture, psychological torture, MK Ultra and murdering with EMF Weapons (
"4th IAMU General Assembly , the biological effects of the EMF on the human body " )
below :

This website is last stop for me on which they can't totally put their duty hands. All websites, all social medias, all VPNs, all browsers, especially, safe and proxy browsers, all apps, all tools for communication, contact, sending, receiving .... this is, everything I am using; everyrhing you can imagine, have been hacked and interfered since I contacted you for justice and help 20 years ago.

Real? Why?

Their drones, aircrafts are tracing and following me everywhere, anywhere in Ontario, Canada. Some app shows me who they are .

Real? Why?

Their dirty hands are on UN Human Rights Office 's website, ICC's, ICC Forum's, UN's...Around 5 years ago, I showed you all how they hack those websites.



Prime Minister of Canada
UN Secretary-General
UN Peacekeeping
UN's Highest Court
UN Human Rights Chief
UN Security Council


My 5 posts on that website are :

Canada seeks justice for victims, good. See what they are doing.

After knowing everything in Ontario, Canada, you must send them to UN Human Rights Council, UN Security Council, UN Peacekeeping, UN Human Rights Chief, UN Secretary-General

Our communications with UN Human Rights and ICC.Please send it at once not only for myself.

The reasons why they can be evil and brutal over 20 years are here.

Please send and please take immediate actions to stop "Canada..." ,and to force " "Canada..."


Fight  for my life being  threatened ; fight against ongoing terror, psychological torture ( which UN and UN Human Rights deeply began to worry about 2 years ago) , MK Ultra ( which was reported by all Canadian media several years ago ) , poison ( how and why "Canada..." repeatedly poison me, UN Human Rights Office has them. One witness shout :don't drink it. ), death threats and attempted murder by every possible means and with all possible Non-Lethal Weapons, especially EMF. I am not alone and I need your help.

Although English is my second language,
It is time for "Final Account"

Robin Yan

Canadian victim of torture


Please transfer to International Bar Association, UN Human Rights Office , UN Human Rights Council by fax  and, thanks.

Attached file 1 ( Although I attached before, I have to do it again.)

Canada... refuse to stop my all neighbours,
3 Philippine couples because they are committing terror, psychological torture, and MK Ultra.




Attached file 2

Please send ICC and UN's Highest Court








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