Short List of enslavement policies which have already been implemented throughout most of the world.
Empoverish countries through unfair taxation.
Deliberately destroy health through poisonous ingredients in drugs and through unnecessary surgery.
Mislead people through false information.
Control main stream media.
Transmitters over most if not all police stations affect the beta rhythms of their brains which negatively affects sound judgement.
Subliminal programming of the population through technological equipment.
Fluoride is put in water to render people passive and obedient.
Work the people continuously and often unnecessarily, leaving them no time to question politics.
Deny men and women a platform of complaint. Remote torture by energy weapons is not being discussed.
All must belong to groups so they are easier to control.
Class action law suits rather than millions of individual law suits are easier for the NWO cabal to fight.
All are manipulated to think collectively. Individual thinkers are often portrayed as mentally insane.
Manipulate the youth to become addicted, promiscuous,and illiterate so easier to control.
Deny adequate living space in order to induce stress. Tiny homes are being promoted.
Promote and validate hierarchies in early childhood by means of Prince and Princess fairy tales.
Train school children to stand and sit at the sound of a bell and never question what is being taught.
Promote religion rather than moral law. Moral law is sufficient in itself. Religion is the suppression of free thought. Religion is a mind control mechanism.
Promote the idea of a saviour in order to induce passivity.
Give themselves impressive titles, oppulent surroundings, extravagent costumes, and surround themselves by fawning paid staff whenever they are in public.
Force most government staff to sign secrecy clauses because secrecy allows evil to flourish.
Divide and conquer. Categorise people into large groups in order to facilitate that objective.
Conduct false poles in order to manipulate false beliefs in people.
Have privately owned states within countries where the police have no jurisdiction.
Claim they have supernatural authority even though their behaviour is morally and ethically questionable.
Finance both armies in every war so as to control the outcome in all instances.
They introduced the concept of moral relativeism to help them justify their evil deeds.
They have introduced the concept of bank bailouts even though the banks being bailed out are under private ownership.
The school system is set up to generate unquestioningly obedient order followers who do not first judge whether the order they receive is morally right or wrong before they carry it out.
Public education is pushing the notion of collectiveism rather than democracy.
False patriotism is being used to stop citizens from questioning criminal activity in their own countries.
Breaking up family trust by encouraging the Santa Clause lie and by encouraging corporal punishment within the family unit.
Gathering DNA samples of both people and farm animals because this knowledge allows others to broadcast signals into the bodies and brains of those people and farm animals for the purposes of torture from a distance or death.
Encouraging school leavers to leave their country and welcoming others into the country because when few native people are left in a country, national fervour is diminished leaving that country easier to control by outsiders.
Radical feminism rather than classical feminish is being encouraged in order to create difficulties between the sexes thereby fracturing the family unit.
Eating meat is being discouraged and eventually abolished so that we would eventually lose almost all food self-sufficiency.
The NWO cabal created a false science of water scarcety in order to privatize water for profit and control so for that reason they suppressed the existence of primary water which originates from geological processes.
Corporate donors now decide what is being taught at universities and university educaters have lost their autonomy leading to false science being heavily promoted at all levels throughout all universities in the world.
Silent Sound Spread Spectrum is a mind control system which is being transmitted by means of microwave transmitters and other means. There is no known defence against it to the extent that politicians and the military have become unable to judge even basic situations accurately to the extent that we are being enslaved my means of wireless technology inside our own homes and nothing is being done to protect us.
Over regulation and the introduction of far too many laws is enslaving us by incremental means.
A human heart can not be transplanted when the organ donor is dead so heart and other transplants are taking place while the owner is still alive without an anasthetic and this is not been revealed to the public.
Industrial hemp is the earths number one resource and it is capable of providing the raw material for up to sixty thousand different products such as paper, animal fodder, building materials, fuel, vehicle manufacturing, bio-degradeable environmentally friendly plastic and medicine among thousands of other products. Because industrial hemp is so versatile it poses a threat to the profits and monopolies of mega corporations such as giant oil, steel, paper and fossel fuels to such an extent that the new world order cabal launched a smear campaign against it and eventually had it banned throughout large parts of the world. We aught to have our politicians enact laws allowing us to reintroduce it into the market place thereby guaranteeing us lives of material abundance in the future.

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