I obtained the following information from listening to the youtube videos of Dr Robert Cywes who can be found at the following online link
Smoking Addiction, Alcohol Addiction, Sexual Addiction, Carbohydrage Addiction, Vaping Addiction, Street Drug Addiction,
Gambling Addiction, Gaming Addiction, Watching Pornography, Cutting Themselves, Snacking,
We are all subjected to emotional tension in our lives which generate anxiety and stress. We can then dissipate the emotional tension in positive ways by taking a walk, jogging, gardening, reading, writing, listening to music, meditating or talking things over with a friend. This is known as effort based emotional management and by these means the emotional tension takes a while to dissipate but ultimately leads to strong self confidence and happiness.
We can dissipate the emotional tension in negative ways by taking some action which gives us instant gratification such as smoking, drinking alcohol, vaping, taking street drugs, gambling, gaming, watching pornography or snacking. By these means the emotional tension dissipates instantly but it is short lived and ultimately leads to loss of confidence, addiction, illness and death.
Snacking on carbohydrates is an addiction and should be managed as an addiction and not as a calorie restricted diet or an elimination diet. Snacking on carbohydrates is a substance abuse problem which is so strongly addictive that carbohydrates to an obese individual are equivalent to crystal meth to a drug addict and should be entirely eliminated from the diet of the addict. Obesity is a substance abuse problem and that substance is carbohydrates. Type 2 Diabetes is also a substance abuse problem and that substance is also carbohydrates.
Snacking on carbohydrates is not a nutritional event. It is an emotional management event and an addiction process. The carb addict is eating carbohydrates simply to dissipate emotional tension and not to nourish themselves. Their carb addiction is very harmful and leads to inflamation, obesity, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, heart attack, stroke, loss of self-confidence and even death. Carbohydrates are being used as a drug for instant gratification and emotional management and not as a food.
The solution according to Dr Robert Cywes who works in Jacksonville in Florida is to eat a ketogenic diet and to avoid carbohydrates entirely. They are both unnecessary and undesireable and they are equivalent to crystal meth to those who are addicted to them. Dr Cywes advises that we eliminate grains, potatoes, rice and all foods containing refined sugar from our lives. He recommends that we eat a diet of meat, fish, chicken, eggs, dairy, nuts, and lots of green vegetables such as celery, cucumber, broccoli etc. He also permits drinking coffee as a bridge item because it does not have any calories.


I myself once successfully stayed on a pure carnivore diet without breaking it for eleven months.    I plan to shortly return to a modified version of it.   I plan to drink celery and cucumber juice instead of eating greens because those who have irritable bowel syndrome find it difficult to digest plant fibre and there is no plant fibre in vegetable juice.    When on a carnivore diet always add sea salt or Himilian pink salt to each meal because salt draws water into the alimentary canal which stops those on a carnivore diet from suffering from constipation.   Plant fibre is not necessary or desireable for those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome.  Animals in the wild such as lions who don't appear to eat any plant fibre never become constipated because plant fibre is not a beneficial way to eliminate constipation.   Simply add salt to your food.  


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